Nov.27 2022 Grind for loot, but 5 years later bodies still dissappear

So I am reduced to playing on single player mode because the lag is so bad on public servers. Bases built next to New Asgarth make it impossible to play, they is way too much in the game now for the PS4 to handle. With all the youtube vids of builds in the under mesh I am guessing thats where the bodies go after turning your back for a second. Only been 5 years and Funcom cant find a DEV to fix this. But hey, keep adding stuff like battle passes to make money.

Well, do you go to your job and expect not to be payed? If your boss told you that you will work for the next 3 months without receiving a penny, what would you do, stay and work? I don’t think so! So please stop criticizing people that want to earn their paycheck, especially when they provide you every update for free! Marketing exists and has nothing to do with devs and their work and I believe we both agree! How this game will create funds it’s not devs job!
I agree to the rest, PlayStation 4 is I problematic console right now and if you read the plurality of the posts here are for PlayStation 4 issues :roll_eyes:. I understand you m8, I hope this change, but my hopes are running thin :pensive:.

Good news and bad news, i thought some bodies disappeared too but they simply turn invisible.
If you keep your cursor pointed at the floor and walk around a bit or harvest the ground, you’ll get your loot. One way or the other be it in bag form or by directly looting the invisible corpse.
That said, it Ă­s quite annoying if you really need to loot whatever turned invisible.

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Its just how games in general handle it. Some just use memory better or worse. XD

CE thou, For what ever reason. When you look away before a body finishes its animation, it loses track of it. And fall into mesh, or into air.

Or… Just turns invisible.

Sometimes, teleports to fields in north, were reset items go… In general, you can hover cursor over its last location and collect the loot.

So ya, Years in… its still a issue. But… it can be fixed by player by trying to not look away. YA YA YA YA…that shouldn’t be fix WAH WAH WAH.
Most of stuff that falls to this issue doesn’t drop anything super important anyway. And rarely actaully lost lost… Ish…

There bigger bugs to be squashed. I do not expect this bug to ever be fixed. (nor do I really care)
I’d like a working Ps4 version of this game.

But ya, they don’t fall to far into mesh, I’ve recovered most of loot.

New Asgard is abit of pain, since the area can reset if you travel to far in, and have fight your way out do to way SP handles the info on resets of area.

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If I did a job( I own a excavation company) and people orginally paid for the work, and it was never done right in the first place. You bet your ass I’d be working for free till it was done to my customers expectations. I wouldnt offer him other jobs I could do so I could keep raking in the cash. The real world doesnt operate like that son. Fix the shit that should have been fixed from day one. As a paying customer that was told this stuff would be fixed from day one and hasnt, I dont give a shit if they work for free. Thats running a husiness.

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Yes if I walk around stabbing at the ground I rarely find it. Im sure this is not how they sold the game play when they took my $80(cdn). Fix the game, then start adding stuff. This isnt new hundreds of players say this about this game and many others. Ask EA how their money grabbing, non- fixing of issues helped Battlefront 2 sales.

I was running a plumbing business for 10 years and of curse I did the same, but I was a Boss not an employee! Did your employees ever worked for free? If you pressed them to do so wouldn’t the union F… k you?
Do you think devs are bosses here? Thay are employees “father” since Iam your 47 year old son and they do not work for free!!! And worry not father, I know how things work :wink:.
Anyway, thanks for the reply m8, I really wish you get my father-son humor here :+1:t6:. Stay safe m8.

Ps. Get out of your country for awhile, because your country is not the whole world, open your eyes wider it’s never late! Cheers :+1:t6:

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Haha well Id have to start having kids at 7. So ill use little brother next time on you. As a small business we are not union. I would pay my employees, but usually its my weekends, my time that would be spent fixing screw ups. If you notice I commented can they not get a good enough dev to fix the problem, which is on the owner/ management of the company.
Hey we both know they have no intention in fixing old bugs, and will continue adding stuff to the game that will cause issues all in the search to attract new money to an old game.
This Country is a socialist shit hole with a mini dictator wanna be in charge right now. If I could get out and move to Florida I would. But it isnt easy in any stretch.
Cheers fellow old time gamer.


I remember returning every single day after 21:00 in my house. I was leaving my house early in the morning before dawn and returned always after dusk! Of course it was not always for fixing mistakes, we use to be extremely busy and lie to all our costumers trying to bye time with pitiful excuses!
Then the crisis of February 2009 arrived :confused:. I was renovating a hotel and the owner told me that the bank cut his loan in half just like that, without asking. I had to pay my own for his hotel to be done, materials employees, everything! I couldn’t go back I would loose anyway, on March his hotel was ready from me, the next month he find out he had a cancer…
The rest is history, I couldn’t recover and I already had house loans. Plus I had delivered all the invoices like I was paid…
The rest is history…
I work as an employee since 2011, but it’s like I own the company and my wife is always whining that I don’t get paid properly, but this is her job I suppose :rofl::rofl::rofl:. Once a boss always a boss, you cannot change attitude!

This bugs me too, trust me!

Thanks for chatting m8 :+1:t6:


So you are saying…

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Why the heck this post is not in the abomination thread next to @CodeMage spaghetti recipe?

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The bodies despawn in single-player to save memory. If you can’t find a body, look for the loot bag. Bag will grow depending on corpse proximity

It should. New product and revisions to current product should have a marketing input. That shouldn’t be seen as a sin. They are the experts of what sells…and they suffer the most when it doesn’t if you get my meaning.

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