Npc bosses heal at full health suddenly

This is with every npc boss human, animal, etc, when I get them to low or 3/4 health left bosses would choose another target such as a follower or random npc or go back to their patrol area, suddenly their health just automatically goes up to full health. Also this implies with other npcs also.

I haven’t tested fully yet. I know the boss spider in one of the caves did this. I was having an issue with lag, so i had to retreat to beginning of cave. The spider followed, the second i stepped out, it teleport ed back to starting position. That is the only instance. The boss Croc did not do this, it switched targets between me and the thrall constantly, but never reset. we stayed engaged with it the whole time though. I think they set up for NPC’s in general to have an area they won’t leave if kited, and if you get too far away from there, it will reset the spawn,.

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All targets will regenerate rapidly and return to home if you are too far from the spawn location. The Red Dragon in Unamed City for instance will return if you have your shield up too long. Best way to stop this is to go to the spawn location and stay in combat. At the moment, thralls/pets are a hindrance rather than an asset (in my opinion):frowning:

It started when I was fighting king rhino, I kept getting meshed into king rhino’s head which stressed me out and when I retreated a bit to heal up, king rhino immediately healed despite me only running around it’s spawn area
I tested it with other npc bosses and same thing, dungeon bosses idk

Hostile npcs start to have a patrol space, any ranged damage coming from the outside of this space will not work becasue npcs will quickly regen their health (nearly 2% / sec). Also even you drag them out of that space with keeping attcking, they will still run back quickly within 2 sec if you stop the attcking to regen your stamia.

Have the same problem over here, it’s been posted alot in different ways.

Also you can’t bring your thrall down in the Sunken city to fight boses, they stay in the water above.
Also, this is on official too and not only testlive.

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