NPC disapering on PVE

when disappear companions ( human and/or animal ) of dilapidated buildings on PVE ? Bases are gone but the Thralls still standing around.

The thralls decay later than your builds . I always thought that this was a mistake but it isn’t . Sometimes life comes first and you cannot log in for a week to play your game , so it is certain that every single thing will decay with your base expect your Thralls . This benefit ,if you use it wisely can ensure you one more week before you loose totally everything . What I mean is that you have to store things inside your pets and your thralls so you can have an easy restart if something go bad . For example , store some black blood tools , the main weapon you use , a map room and some legendary repairs , so if something goes wrong in (maximum) a week you will have everything back :wink: .

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Hey - dont tell secrets :angry: :laughing: :wink:

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They’re just waiting for their severance.

Time to whip out all the packbearers I have stored :grin:

Just to be stingy to any decay raiders I might keep a bearer next to every crafting bench for T4 insurance too :yum:

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@dmw33 ,Nice tactic , do it , bearers or elephants have lots of capacity , camels too.

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Yeah, I actually thought of that - the spikes. I’ve never considered it when I’ve destroyed other players decayed bases though, so I don’t consider it a big risk, however I’ll keep it in mind if I see a lot of bearers standing around in case someone else had this idea. :grin:

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