NPC & resource respawn server modifiers work in opposite directions

Maybe this info will help some people like my friend and I who have been trying to decrease the respawn rate of everything and have had problems doing so. There is a lot of conflicting information form what I found about how the server modifiers work for:

  1. NPC respawn speed multiplier (under combat)
  2. Resource respawn speed multiplier (under harvesting)

Note that the in-game description of both are worded exactly the same basically:

  1. NPC - “multiplies the speed at which npcs respawn in the world after dying.”
  2. Resource - “multiplies the speed at which resources respawn after being harvested.”

So one would assume that they both work the same way right? Well, they don’t - they work complete opposite of each other as so:

  1. NPC - the higher the number on your setting the LONGER it takes for npcs to respawn.
  2. Resource - the higher the number on your setting the SHORTER it takes to respawn.

To confirm - test results

  • NPC/Enemies - server setting at 3 - respawned after roughly 45 mins
  • NPC/Enemies - server setting at 0.1 - respawned at 1:30 (one minute 30 seconds)
  • Resources - server setting at 10 - respawned at 5 mins
  • Resources - server setting at 0.1 - had not respawned after 2 hours when we concluded
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