Resource And Thrall Respawn?

I want the slaves and resources on my server to be 50% slower. Don’t know if the following settings are correct?

NPCRespawnMultiplier = 0.500000

ResourceRespawnSpeedMultiplier = 0.500000

Please guide me

I think the way those equations are set up in the game, you will need to double it instead of halving it.
[Default Respawn Time] x [Multiplier] = [Server Respawn Time]
To make it take longer, you want a larger number. So in your case, I think 2.0 is the number you want. If I’m wrong, I welcome correction. If you want to test it quickly, just change those values to 0.0001 and the respawn should be almost immediate.

For a broad resource that covers most of the server settings, there is a page at Gamepedia.

Of lesser importance, but I think this may be posted in an inappropriate forum

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If I want the weapon durability to halve I should increase it to 2.0, right?

I think that’s correct, but I’m not a server admin, and some of those settings confuse me :laughing:
I like my default 1.0 rates.

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If you want to make your equiped gear last longer, decrease value. A drop from 1 to 0.5 will effectively make your gear twice as durable (stability). An increase from 1 to 2 will decrease the stability much quicker (fewer hits required to break item).

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That’s what i want
I want it to break quickly.

Thanks for the help

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