Rented server - looking for the Official server settings!

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Hoping someone has a resource that provides all the hidden official server settings… I’m not referring to the slider settings that I can access and view from the settings page.

I’m looking for all the hidden values that makes the Official servers work the way they do. Specifically, the rate of food spoiling in thrall inventories. On the rented server thrall owned food spoils at the same rate as any container; but on officials, food can last for days/weeks in real time before it spoils. Also, Thrall food doesn’t convert to putrid meat, which is something I’d like to mirror as well. I can’t seem to find the hidden setting that controls this or its linked to a container spoil rate setting that I’m not able to logically connect.

I did find that I had to add a line in the server.ini setting for the thrall exclusion radius so I could place thralls closer to each other. So I do know there are values the system accepts that doesn’t necessarily exist anywhere other than the underlying code that you have to manually type in.

Does anybody have any information on how to get some of these rates to line up with Officials?

Thanks in advance!

You might find what you looking for in the server configuration in the Wiki.

On top of the obvious configuration, in the list of references below you might find two websites that provide some overlook on unlisted specs.

However they often work the same way in the “sketchy description”, they are multipliers, so numbers below zero “divide”.

Speed = 2 (twice the speed)
Speed = 0.5 (half the speed)

However if it says like time of the day, it is duration, so:

Duration = 2 (half the speed)
Duration = 0.5 (twice the speed)

Some of the specs are duration but they do not “explicitly” identify as such.

Thank you for the reply. I did go through the wiki and searched for the hidden field with a modifiable server value that could control a thrall spoil rate in their inventory, but nothing jumped out at me and the description for each one is very limited at best. Individual containers must have these spoil rates values because preservation boxes spoil at a zero rate while compost boxes spoil at a much faster rate than a regular box. I don’t think a mod is necessary since the base game can manage this and are setup on Officials this way. Maybe I am over thinking this and there is a dial somewhere that’s in plain view that I’m missing.

Thanks for the multiplier info, you probably saved me some testing/trial and error to figure this out.

Not everything has a setup in the server. It is actually true that Blueprints in the game code set up how the base numbers are used.
The example you cited is precisely one of them. You need a mod to change how individual containers use the base rate of spoil.
However, the base rate being changed, will change everyone by that ratio. But you cant for example create a “double spoil rate box” just by server config.

And spoil rate of preservation box is not zero.

I know of two instances in which specs in a table (struct) are used for a diverse end than that explicitly defined by the struct general purpose.

Here you have the segment of code that handle changing the preservation box work if you have Ice in it or not, for example.

One thing people dont really see about the game is that we users can make mods, but the game itself has “mods” (modules much like our own mods that function like them, and are coded like them).

From the point of view of a developer, Official server are not “without mods”, but they run only mods funcom develop themselves. So many things they code into the game so they work the way they want, and they might update it from time to time, making adjustments on how specific things work, without having to change the config file for that.

Actually, it is good practice to leave the least data possible to be handled by config files.

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This response makes a lot of sense. Common sense, actually, in retrospect. It also answers why there is so little info out there on default Official server setup specific to what I was looking to do.

It may be time to read the technical manual and play around with modding tools to see if I can’t make this happen myself. Thanks for taking the time to explain in plain terms that clicked for me and pointing me in the right direction

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