Npc sanbox sugestion

Hi. I mostly are playing single player,and got 2 say iv totaly missed some action like like raider attack on a base, or at least some come quest giving npcs(something simply without big story lines-go there do that,get reward… like raid enemy base and resque prissoners,steel something from bandit camp…)Right now all npc spawning at the same place and …?just waiting untill i come and kill em?Bored…

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Welcome to the forum . What I believe is that you didn’t quite understand the game you play either the possibilities . If you play exile lands then nothing that you say exist , if you play Siptah I can’t say a lot because it’s not available on consoles yet . Still in the live stream I saw that they add beautiful things ,so patience and your requests will arrive .
So speaking for exile lands ,what I suggest is to go online , discover all the map , all the recipes , all the dungeons and then go online PvP and you will never get bored again .

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