Npc camps/npc spawns suggestion

Recently started playing pve-c server on Exiled Lands, no more time for pvp after 4 years, got over 5k hours into the game. After 6 weeks on official pve-c server got pretty much everything.
Started collecting thralls from each available faction to kill boredom. I noticed that map is very unbalanced when I wanted to catch them, most of the camps are in center of the map, noob river or north. Almost no camps in the jungle or around Temple of Ymir. All players are also builded around Sepermeru/New Asgarth to have easier access to npc camps. Mounds of the Dead are empty, not much content there after a while, haven’t seen any player there in last 3 weeks. Half of the map is pretty much unused by anyone.
Would suggest adding more camps all over the map, also unblocking/releasing npc’s we had in the past or the ones that are shown in admin panel but never spawn in the game. Update 3.0 will be a novelty for a while but then servers will start getting empty again.Because there will be nothing to do after a while, just got the feeling that pve and pve-c modes will have new players for few weeks and then once people achieve everything they will just stop playing.Bases will decay, players will leave, can see it happening currently on my server.
Also how comes that after so many years almost all bench thralls wear awful clothes but on Siptah we have Aesir who once placed in benches look really nice because they have proper clothes?

Well a couple things. If they added more camps, thats more places for potential spawn blocking aka more reasons to get banned so there’s that pickle on officials. I used to play ps4 so I get what you mean about playing long enough that you get everything and get bored. That’s why I personally switched to pc. Dont take that the wrong way tho, I’m not a “pc master race” advocate; its just that changes as you suggest also get made for all versions and the pc version makes very good use of mods to customize pve. Funcom also puts a lot of work into the devkit so people can mod (a lot of people dont realize how much work). I personally put somewhere between 500-1000 hrs into ps4 CE and in all my console experience, no other game ever came close to that. I am not a console marketing guru but I would imagine very few games get that kind play time just based on how consoles are marketed. Luckily for consoles, 3.0 is going to freshen up the experience so you have that to look forward to, so you can expect some fresh experiences, and Crom only knows what a possible 4.0 would bring.

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