NPC War mode (optional feature)

I really enjoy playing Conan, but most of the time when you go look at the servers there is a long list of them they, which are either empty or with only a very few people online, which make its a bit boring obviously, which is sad. So this is a suggestion to help combat this and which is obviously the motivation for this idea to begin with and also because I think a lot of people would enjoy it.

The initial idea
The basic idea behind this is to make it possible for player to have some fun with more intense warlike purges, that are played out over a longer period of time and of different strength than ordinary purges, meaning that the player will have to fight off a horde of NPCs much like in the purges, but where the enemy have an army size or purge strength, which basically serve as their health bar and how difficult it is, once the health bar are near the end, a NPC boss (Human, Giant or whatever) will spawn and once he/she is killed, the player have won the war and the boss will have a chance of dropping some unique item / building plan or material or simply add it to the war table.

How it could work and requirements

Some requirements:

  1. To trigger a war the player need to be level 60 (or max level).
  2. If part of a clan, they need to be allowed by the clan to trigger wars.
  3. The clan or player need to have build a war table. Which will be a new building which serves two purposes, specified below.
  4. The player(s) will have to spend X amount of resources (could be gold or coins something that is not to easy to obtain) to initiate a war.

War table
Player will start a war through the war table and is where they will be able to choose the strength of the enemy. The higher they set the strength, the higher the chance will be of getting good loot, if they win. Also the cost of the war will increase as a result of this (the gold or coins they have to spend). This will be a bit of a gamble made by the players, how much are they willing to risk on a war in order to get loot? :slight_smile:

Once they have chosen the war, they will have to place the coins/gold in the war table, which will trigger the event, after a check have been made that the war table can be reached. Meaning that you can’t place it somewhere where the NPC can’t get to it, if that is the case, the event won’t start and the players will be notified.

If the check is passed however, half the coins/gold will be lost instantly and the rest will remain in the war table, this is just to make sure that there is always a cost for starting a war.

At this point the war event will start and the NPC will start spawning waves of enemies as in purges based on the strength that was chosen and will be split out over X amount of waves.

The main purpose of the NPC army is to reach and destroy the war table and will obviously attack and destroy anything that are in their way to get there.
Also the enemy force will spawn around where the war table is which have triggered the event and will only attack whatever clan or player that have started the event, unless someone attack them, like some random players etc.

If the war table is destroyed the event will end and all the remaining coins/gold in it will be lost and the player(s) have lost the war and the enemies will either stop spawning or simply die, whatever is best.

The strength of enemies doesn’t depend on where you have build your base, so even if you build it in the beginning area, the enemies will be as strong as they are in the more late game areas.
Also the combined strength of the clan will be accounted for when deciding the strength of enemies, so if you have build your whole base out of end materials the enemies will be slightly stronger, but not to the point where there will be no purpose of building in expensive materials. But the difficulty should be, so even at end game, if you crank the enemy strength all the way up, you will be in for a huge challenge.

As mentioned above, if the player managed to defeat enough waves of enemies, to get the health of the enemy army low enough, the boss will spawn in the last wave and when that one is killed they have won the war and will get some loot or reward. The system could be made so the enemies spawn at specific times, so if the players are to slow in killing them, they will simply not be able to defend and the war table eventually destroyed.

Extending the system
The system could be extended so during a war players could temporally ally themselves with other players that can help in the defense. And some sort of payment system could be added, so people can decide on what amount they want in order to help or whatever loot is given for the help, which is placed in either a war chest or the war table and are released to the players helping in the defense after the war is over.

All other chests, worktables etc. might be lock for the allies during the war. So they can’t loot stuff they are not suppose to. All that would obviously need to be sorted out as good as possible.

But it would allow people to work together and help each other, and again create a lot of fun interaction between people without actually being in the same clan.

Reason for this
The reason I think this would be a good idea, is because it would allow for players to have a lot of fun even on servers where population is low. It will be fun for those of us that like building castles and see how they fair against attacks. You have the option to really loose a lot, if you take a chance and spawn a to strong enemy army, but also give you the option to gain something good.
Also these event will be player driven, so people that don’t like this can simply not activate them.
But in general I think it could be a lot of fun, especially on the PVE servers, it could be added to the pvp servers as well I think, with some minor changes.

Which could be that people could trigger wars against each others or something like that, but maybe of lesser strength than on the PVE servers or it could be completely up to the server settings. But it would obviously work with a cool down so you can’t be constantly attacked and also so it would be restricted according to the server rules, of whether someone of that clan need to be online etc.

Final words
I really hope something like this could be added, because you have a really good game here, but I do think the biggest problem is the low population, and something like this could really make it a lot of fun and also think it would help get more players into Conan.

(If you like this idea, please bump it, if that is allowed, otherwise don’t :D)

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