Suggestion for further improve experience in PvE-Conflict servers

I was talking with my friend that wanted to buy the game yesterday about what you guys did to PvE-Conflict servers and was talking about all the features of this servers and he said something that made me so excited, he said that would be cool to have some type of clan war.
So the details are:

  1. Create a system where you can challenge another clan to a war (they can refuse) during the PvP time of the server.
  2. During the pvp time, if a war between two clan is happening, both clans will be able to destroy the other clan base, but only the clans that are in war between each other will be able to do that, they will be able to destroy the base of the clam they are challenging.

What this add to the server?

You will be able to experience the full PvE side of the game, exploring, finding the lore of the game, collecting resources, building your defenses against the purge, doing dungeons AND you will also be able to experience the PvP side with all it’s features not only Players killing and looting Players at the PvP time. You will be able to, when challenging another clan to a war, to destroy their bases with trebuchets, avatars, explosive jars, orbs, everything that in the actual PvE-Conflict servers don’t have a real use, and all this is optional, if you want to experience the PvE side with a little of PvP with the advantages of losing your items on death and being aware that other players can kill you to get your resources (Things that you don’t have on PvE and make it more boring more easily) and not worrying about losing your base you can, and if you want to experience a more challenging PvP you can make a clan war with another clan where you can experience the full side of PvP being able to destroy the other clan base or defending your base against an attacking clan with the use of all the PvP resources of the game.

Everything optional, you can accept the challenge of war and risk having your base destroyed or destroy the other clan base, or you can still play normally without worring of your base being destroyed.

Again, if clan 1 is in war with clan 2, clan 1 can only damage clan 2 base and vice versa, they can’t damage clan 3, 4, 5 bases for example.

I think that’s an great addition to PvE-Conflict servers and will make it even better than it already is!

If you like the idea, spread your word of approval and like the post so we can get to the devs of the game.

Take care, Exile!

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