NPCs and purge not spawning at my base

Game mode: *Single-player
Type of issue: *bug?
Server type: *pve I think, just play solo
Region: *[ not sure how to answer
Hardware: *[ Xbox one

Bug Description: hey everyone. I’m new to gaming I really don’t know much about how my Xbox works. But download conan exiles and I love it …totally obsessed!!! But after a month and being leve 60 with purge meter filled for 3 weeks. I have yet to enjoy the purge. First I built on noon river then realized I wasn’t being purged because of that. That was 3 days ago since then I moved my base out of no purge base is now on a flat top mountain with a ton of ways to access it from all sided. Somewhat closet to where the huge spider and all it minions spawn. So after 2 days of lugging 20 pets 10 thralls and all loot I finally got settled in. But I was fighting spiders constantly because of my location but I really didn’t mind. I got on the other day noticed there were no spiders not even the boss spider. So thought it was a fluke continued to play. The purge alarm sounded off. It was music to my ears, I booked it back to my base with 5 min to spare anticipating the arrival of a pack of blizzards I think it said. The alarm went off again and I look around… Noo lizards no purge. My map said they were right in front of me, but nothing there. 30 mins later an alarm sounds say you beat the purge…I was crushed, I decided to uninstall the game then reinstall … Then messed with the purge settings to trigger another purge faster, then when the alarm came on for a purge of bandits I was ready… But yet again, nothing. Even though they showed up on the map. Also the spiders and any NPC will Still no longer spawn near my base. What is going on. I really can’t imagine starting all over, and cringe at the thought of moving everything again. I don’t know if anyone can help, and like I said I really don’t no much about gaming or Xbox and don’t have access to a keyboard for the xbox, but I love this game, any help would be greatly appreciated

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Building near animal or monster spawns will block them (you should be prevented from building too close to human camps that would block thrall spawns, though). As far as purges go, all I can say is they’re temperamental. Unfortunately, in my experience single-player mode makes purges even less reliable because of how the AI LoD system works.

If a purge starts, but nothing seems to happen, what I think is happening is it’s spawning the purge NPCs inside / under terrain. They can’t path to you, you can’t see them, but they’re “there” as far as the game is concerned. None of them are killed, so the purge can’t progress and after the timer elapses, it just ends.

My only suggestion would be to submit a bug report with specifics as to where your base is located and how it’s constructed (screenshots may help the devs).


Depending on Location (chosen for attack) They may be spawning far out, or in a rock, or under map.

It happens. =/ So you may have had good luck, then a trail run of bad luck. =(

If your in SP, slap on ghost and go flying under some of objects and check for them.

If online, grab a bow and poison arrows and fire at walls etc.,

or slap on headphones walk around listening for them.

If had a few spawn in small pond, And didn’t really notice them =/ (they don’t swim, so there kinda stuck)
Had a few spawn on other side of major mountain, (which took me huge amount of time get to myself)
And they were just walking back and forth along wall. XD


Thanks guys! Think I may just build another base😭 moving wouldn’t be so terrible if I didn’t have so many pets. But I really do think your right… they are spawning inside the mountain. Ive looked everywhere else for them with no luck

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