Nudist Razma (intended?)

Just as topic says, Razma is nude.

Hmm, don’t think that’s intended. Is this local play or on a private server? Either way we’ll have a look at it and see if we can get a fix in for a future update. Thanks for the report!

It’s in both single player and private server, Andy. I noticed it fooling around with admin and ghost commands prior to patch, and noticed it doing a quick “playthrough” in single player after. Razma is now a nudist.


Sorry for answering late.
It was on singleplayer today - and on official (former pve#1) a week ago as well.
Has been reported a while ago already, but I forgot where or when exactly. (That person said she doesnt look like in intro video, which is true as well. Forgot who reported it though. Sorry.)

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Okay, thanks, no worries. :slight_smile: Appreciate the report; artists have been notified and we’ll look into it.

My Razma is also changing appearance each time I enter her place. Before live she was more like the opening movie with the hair and etc. but after live, she is consistently inconsistent, changing hair, face body structure and etc. PC SP PVP

She’s a shapeshifter… Maybe she was replaced by a doppleganger.
We need more conspiracy theories.

Hah…good call