Razma, is that you?


Razma of Shem looks immeasurably different then when you saw her on the cross. Any chance of getting her reworked?


As far as I know, her head is in the game files but wasn’t used for some reason. If you play on PC, there’s a mod out there, that addresses this issue.

But I agree, it should be done by FunCom. Also several NPC could use a makeover… especially Braga in the Mounds of the Dead comes to mind.


Braga has a look-alike in sepermeru and who knows if there is more. I definitely wish the talking npcs had unique faces and gear. On the bright side, the voice acting is pretty good.


Bothers me too, apparently she got a haircut and plastic surgery after you meet her the first time when that happens also she got an extreme tan.

It would be nice if she looked more like the intro vid, heck… i actually tried recreating her character in character creation the first time before learning that she is the ffxiv derplander of conan exiles (character who represents the player but who is also her own separate person within the game)

Side note: /i love her voice/ o.o