Nudity Dresscode

When i set nudity off, i do not want to appear naked to other players who have nudity on?

The nudity setting only affects you. With your nudity setting off, you will still appear naked to other players who have nudity turned on. You, however, will view everyone in their underwear.

If you don’t want to appear naked to other people, then pretty much your only option is playing on a server where the server nudity setting is set to off. That will ignore whatever setting the players on that server use.


Thanks for your reply, perhaps i wasn’t clear.

The settings only affect me, that’s the issue.

It’s (for me) common sense that the game maintains my chosen appearance to other players ingame.

Especially in Public.

It does for DLC’s.

That’s badly done, that aspect should be changed?

So im categorizing it as a bug.

But it’s not a bug. You misunderstood what the feature does. It works as intended. You should post your suggestion in the feedback forum.


Just throw on some clothes, no longer in your scivvies/nude. Or as codemage said, join a server in which the server settings are restricted to nudity=none.


Maybe they could make a DLC that includes craftable magic underwear that keeps you covered around other players. Although that’s deeply specific considering you can, you know, just wear clothing. As long as you wear clothing, even if you are killed, your corpse can’t be stripped down, even if it’s totally looted, last I checked.

What exactly is the chosen look you are trying to preserve… and how is it getting ruined?

He just doesn’t want anyone else seeing him naked even if it’s just a video game. I can kinda understand it, even if video game nudity doesn’t bother me personally.

Like I said earlier though, his only option to get the effect he wants is to play on a server that has the server nudity setting disabled.

It would be funny if Human NPC’s in the game would point and laugh at your character when it’s naked.

But… yep. That’s the ticket. That, and grab enough weeds you can make some pants as fast as possible.


For instance.
When my wife plays and is recorded by others online in the nude, when she sets it to be clothed,
every sane person would not want nor expect the effect beeing nude to everyone who choses.

Thats not very decent behaviour for a game isnt it.
There is no warning other players will see u nude anyhow, regardless of your chosen setting.

You are devs? managers? Experts?
You seem to know whats up?

Lol yeas that would be great.

Voted best reply lol, it is as you say.
I do grab the weeds ánd then some fiber to dress like a hot chick avatar should.

Mage has a bit of a point saying its not a “” bug, but then again lets call it a badly executed feature.

I would not be at all surprised if it will be changed, depending how much effort is is codewise, and considering the new Chinese connections, prudent as they are. Wich can be a good thing i might add.

Can we dispense with this “every sane person” crap? I’m not insane just because I have different expectations from you.

If by “experts” you mean “people who read things”, then I’m definitely an expert. Here’s what the game itself tells you about nudity:

Long story short, it’s not a bug, you just didn’t know how the feature works. There is nothing wrong with acknowledging that you were wrong and just creating a suggestion post.

EDIT: Looks like the thread was moved to the feedback forum. If you did that, thank you. If you didn’t, my thanks to the mods :slight_smile:


Then play in servers where nudity is offline, or u are pervert who dont like to be seeing naked to others by your settings, but u can see everyone? Basic i dont get logic of this at all :smiley:

this aint bug… just play on servers where nude is off…

also every sane person understand its game not IRL excibitionist simulator, and if someone has issues with it then they play on servers where nude is off… but at this point its look like u want to see evryone else nude but not urself…

This discussion reminded me of the short story “The Emperor has no clothes”



:smiley: :smiley: Ahh best thing ever

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