Nudity in the World of Conan

This topic is about the Conan works in general, not just Conan Exiles. I know that there is skin showing in this world but is there full nudity in the Conan stories?

If you include the 1982 movie, yes.

Where are you going with this…?

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As memory serves some of the artwork in the past has featured topless women, not sure about full nudity, but given the attire people wear in this world, I don’t see how it would be out of place.

I just want to see where the nudity for Conan Exiles came from, or at least how Funcom justifies it. I love the nudity, I just want to say.

In Howard’s stories, there are sometimes women mentioned who do not wear more than a belt to hold a few belongings.
And in one story one girl gives away her clothes for a gold coin and goes on with what she was doing (fetching water).

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yeah baby! barbarian life

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I was looking through the cover art for Weird Tales magazine where a lot of the original Conan stories were published, and while some of those covers arent quite straight up nudity, it doesn’t leave much to the imagination either. I would think this art influenced future interpretations of Conan and his world.

Personally I love the nudity. After playing generations of games that had boobs physics, I finally get to have dong physics. That said, I’m glad they offer players a choice.

There are several mentions of nudity in the books by Robert E. Howard … both partial and full. However these were older books so they didn’t always go into explicit as so much implied detail. So if you are asking about explicit descriptions of anatomy … not so much. However lotsa people ended up (implied) naked for one reason or another.

Frank Frazzetta at times depicted both male and female forms in full nudity, however more often than not you got the bare backside rather than the Romanesque full frontal.

The first Conan movie with Arnold had partial nudity but no (equal opportunity) full frontal from what I can remember.

Lastly in much barbarian/caveman games and lore partial and full nudity is used as a tool to show how much the world is not focused on our normal society hang up. Instead survival and overcoming the harsh fantasy environments become the norm.

In all cases the male and female form are both looked more upon as works of art (look up old roman sculpture, including the statue of David) as opposed to sexual. (although that did occur back then too.)


Nudity was a thing in the books but generally not as titilating. It wasnt seen as shame and generally acceptable. Conqubines generally wore little and the maidens in Conans coart were or his personal mistresses were depicted as nude.

As are many of the men as well. Conan was taken off guard and was naked before cleaving everyone with a giant axe (two handed axes needed hint hint.

Frazettas art as mentioned generaglly both women and men in next to nothing or the women would have nipple shields a la Janet Jackson serving circa Superbowl realness.

Overall Nudity isnt filthy. It was never seen as filthy.

I have run by so many digital bossoms and dongs in this game that I just don’t even notice anymore.

you have choice, just choose lol

I love it no sencership like ps4 that’s why I started playing computer game’s you do know that the conan movie was sencered right ?

Conan is the very embodiment of manliness.

Man needs no excuse for nudity. Only americans do.

But light-hearted trolling aside, I believe Frazetta quite accurately captures the â– â– â–  appeal of the Conan universe.

Nudity is thematically as fitting to Conan Exiles, as Earl Grey is to Captain Picard.

Besides, I think having the option of full nudity offers a profound sense of agency with one’s character.
Lore or not, I think it’s a definite win, for men and women alike.


Issue #24 of the Dark Horse comic has a common version, and a rare version, of the cover.
As you can see, the rare cover was a bit more… ahem

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I’m glad that Conan Exiles has a full nudity choice, at least on the PC version. I like seeing nude bodies, especially beautiful ones. It adds to the gaming experience.

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The full nudity option is for consoles too. Except in the USA it seems.

“Ahem”, in this context, meaning “true to the original”?

It’s true that in Howard’s stories people, and especially women, often lost their clothing (or had none to begin with). This was partially because Howard himself had difficulties with women (largely because of his strong attachment to his mother), and partially because stories with sexual themes sold well, and he needed the money (for his mother’s hospital bills).

But it bears mentioning that when he had the opportunity, Howard created some strong, independent female characters, such as Dark Agnes de Castillon, Red Sonya of Rogatino and Valeria of the Red Brotherhood, so accusations of Howard’s sexism are only partially justified.


this is true, we are sadly deprived of hilarious flapping dongs

In Robert E. Howard’s original stories, he often described characters that were scantily clad to nude.

At least on some men nudity can be beautiful, even the penis.

The genitals in the exiled lands are remarkable in that they sway even in the frozen winds of the north.

That takes a lot of balls to weather.