Number one game issue fixed?

How about you don’t review and give criticism on my comments like I am doing a public speaking test?



Effective communication is important. I’m sorry I bothered you.

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And just what am I supposed to do? Thank them for ■■■■■■■■ up once again?
Congratulate them on not fixing the one issue that the majority of players are having.
Please tell me how I’m supposed to react to this, not fix?

And yes that line was meant to drip sarcasm by the gallon.

Add to that them saying they have something fixed that clearly isn’t. I guess I’m supposed to be jumping up and cheering funcom for not oopsing and wipe out half the servers.

And just what utility am I supposed to offer? Please explain.

funcom? :rofl:

Not fixed, check.

The error wasn’t the patch notes. The error was not fixing the biggest hindrance to most players game play. The rest of that can be worked or played around.
You’re write up isn’t the issue. We appreciate the humor.

Some times the only fix requires a sludge hammer.


I actually offer up suggested solutions quite often. i can not come up with a solution for this.


Agree, but once that is exhausted…

I have an idea of what the foundation fix may involve and no one is going to like it.

“New broom sweeps cleanest”.


Thanks for the communication :D.


I also appreciate finally getting some acknowledgement of the falling/sinking issues through player built structures but must admit was still a let down to see “a resolution for this issue will arrive with a future update”. How long still do we have to wait? Who knows… I am glad they are working on it and am sure it must be a complicated issue. I just wish you (Funcom) would be more up front with us and give updates more often. Even if the update only says you have not forgotten and are still working on the issue. The feeling of no one hears or cares comes from lack of communication in my experience. Please consider updating us more often. If it helps any, I (and sure most if not all on these forums) really do want the game to be good and succeed. Sure it is not easy doing what you do and wish you the best. :slight_smile:


I could not agree more. And would appreciate when they say “We’re working on it” to somehow truly mean it and if possible show that they’re working on it and not just say it and then be an illusion to keep us convinced and believe that they’re “working on it”.

Here i must say i was able repair it but it was connected with NEW BUG that not show info about items in workbenches. I simple drag and drop reedemed legion piece from inventory to workbench and then infor about item and repair option appear. transfer item to bench through double click not work becasue item will have no info.

AndyB thanks for answer and please check new type of bug that appear right after patch. Items in any workbench show no info and no mark border unless you move them to other slot, but after trying to select other items, it back to no-info state. I not know how it work for console players, but for mouse & keyboard ones that problem exist.
This should be more prioity issue.

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While working on that, can you comment on if the work is also including changes that would stabilize/standardize the foundations so we, players and developers, are not living in fear of potential hostile building pieces that disrupt and destroy placeables? While I appreciate the finesse of the work being done to ensure the fix won’t disrupt play, I hate the fact it has to be done this way.


At risk of myself sounding sycophantic, thanks for giving us the update that the issue is in fact being worked on at least. Much appreciated. Some of us were starting to wonder. I hope you guys are able to get it worked out before June 18th; “If you know you know”.


Today’s Patch Notes:
“Forward notice: We are aware of and continuing to investigate an issue where characters may periodically sink into building pieces. Due to the delicate nature of foundations and sensitivity to changes that affect them (if you know, you know :disappointed_relieved:), a resolution for this issue will arrive with a future update. Thank you for your patience; we understand it’s frustrating.”

While I do understand their predicament: Changing how foundations work at this point will most likely break everyone’s buildings because if they have to change fundamental aspects of it, right after they do it, it is possible that all buildings might despawn, partially break or simply start to cause crashes leading to the need of deleting the save. That is true.

But this problem does not require changes to the foundations, as it can be solved by changing the other side of the equation. Instead of changing the foundations for characters not to sink into them, you can change the characters not to sink into foundations as they are. That can be changed without any problem because while characters also come from a hierarchy of blueprints, what makes a character does not require that code to remain fundamentally the same in regards of what makes them sink into foundations.

Things that have been fed back on:

  • The combat and stamina revamp
  • The blanket nerf to all pets
  • The changes to NPC health, armour and population
  • The changes to crafted weapons
  • The changes to combat thralls
  • The changes to the UI
  • The changes to dying armour
  • The loot changes
  • Purges
  • Avatars
  • Long standing bugs (thralls not attacking, the thrall pot etc)
  • Many others
    Near all of it has been critical.

What has the effect of all this feedback been? Except in a couple of small places (e.g. stack splitting), nothing, not a thing.

Reading feedback is not the same as listening to it and at least responding. The game is a shadow of what it potentially could have been but what we have ended up with is a trivialised loot piñata .


This is one of the best replies I’ve read in a while. Nice reminder on how best to communicate issues to the devs. Plus, the owning of a misplaced joke (decent joke, wrong place), wih a little explaination on point joke was meant to make.

There are less fixes in these patches than there are “Report Received” flags if you ask me.

None of this was effective communication.

How was it not?

I thought the face palming panda effectively communicated my emotions. I did premise it with why, and concluded with a sarcastic, though poignant joke.

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Sometimes the answer is no to the feedback although I wish they would be more direct about it and just come out with 3 categories

1)acknowledge its an issue that needs to be addressed in the immediate future (IE critical bugs, design changes that had alternate effects that limit play, etc)

  1. Acknowledge the design wasn’t well received and after discussion, is being revised and/or non-critical bugs present. Future state revision coming but not rushed

  2. “We appreciate your feedback and encourage you to continue playing through this time to fully vet the changes. We hope you will see how this change simplifies and/or improves players’ QoL. We look forward to hearing more from you in the future with your discerning and thoughtful contributions”

No further replies are necessary. All the best! :slight_smile:

lol you mean like the dyers bench? I’m still waiting to see that one get reversed or changed. It was literally an “everybody hated that” move. :roll_eyes:

Honestly, the only really good thing to come out of the chapter 4 update was the ability to add items of the same type to a container. Oh, and maybe some of the bazaar items.

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That one…no . There was no alternate effects that happened. It was a design decision to make the bench the way it is now. While not as convenient as what we had, I understand their purpose in doing this. What I think they should have done is that you can put the entire armor set into the bench and then color coordinate the whole outfit while seeing how the dye changes affect the entire outfit. That would have been a QoL addition for us than a reversion to make the bench have a normal function at the cost of QoL.