Nurfed grey ones weapons the

The grey ones weapons was nurfed .
I dont understand the damage for a grey ones great sword went from 72 damage and 29 AROMR PEN.
To 51 dmg and 29Armor pen.

There is a lot to do
1st you got to kill the pain in the azz greys and get thete heatt then .

Get obsidian then process it into bars
Then put the parts together at fordge you had to fight to get to .

For acweapon that does 51 damage .

Look i can make a hardend sterl sword that does 67 damage so why go through that Bs

I feel funcom night need to take a closer look at this grey one weapons nurf .

The very reason i bought the isle map was because of those special weapons that could be made .

But niw its tio much work fir nothing funcom please fix that i payed money for this map to have the content i payed for thank you

K they all been nurfed .but should the grey ones be nurfed to the same as all the others you can make on a
Bench .
We can all agree grey ones weapons require more work.


Hmmm, interesting take. I think the Grey Ones weapons take the least amount of effort.

  1. Kill Grey One
  2. Take his weapon
  3. Repair it

You don’t even have to go back to your base if you have a repair kit on you, unless repair kits don’t work anymore, I haven’t tested on those weapons since the update.

Happy hunting! :wink:

Good thing i focus on vaults and not the grey ones.

That area is good for one thing- the Pools for the challenge directly.

Grey ones will also put your pets (including humanoid ones) in the ground quickly.

It is unfortunate the stats for nerfed.
Are they still overly heavy, very fragile, and have an extra stamina surcharge for usage?

If they do, they are worthless now, @LostBrythunian .
Those were mainly thrall weapons, highest end.
Funcom screws the little fellahs in every way possible. :smile:
With the new stamina regen we might actually get to use them, but they aren’t worth the trouble with those stats…

Those guys at development need to go easy on the boose! It’s bad for their health and for the game. :laughing:


Stat nerf: yes, significant
Durability: seem tougher than before
Weight: seems more in line with other weapons of type, possibly on the light side, still comparing.
Stamina: seem to use the same Stamina as other weapons in class, stamina surcharge gone, at least for Shortswords.

Edit: having done a full check, they seem to have Damage values in line with Star Metal, but significantly higher Penetration.
In the case of weapons with no Penetration, they have a single point higher damage.

They use the same Stamina as other weapons of their type do.

They are actually significantly more durable than Starmetal as well as quite a bit lighter.
All and all, while no longer a premier weapon for thralls, they now have much more merit for use by the Exile (or in this case, Castaway)

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