Make Grey Ones equipment craftable in our benches

So I was thinking about just how annoying and useless these recipes are, if you consider that you get zero bonuses crafting them at the forge of the first men, since you can’t add a blacksmith or armorer for added benefits. These should be craftable on our personal benches to make them viable for crafting. I can understand that obsidian should be crafted at the forge, just as it is on Exiled Lands, but to make the equipment only craftable there seems silly, especially when they all drop from the Grey Ones’ loot with the same exact stats. I would never waste my materials, time, and energy just to craft something I can loot and repair with a kit. Also, an added bonus would allow players that transferred their characters over to EL early on to craft them. So yeah, make this a definite consideration.

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The weapons of the Grey Ones are already powerful with default stats, nevermind boosted by a T4 blacksmith and upgrades.

A greatsword would have aprox. 100 damage, 35% armor pen. and passive bleed.

All other gear would be obsolete.

Give one side strong weapons and the other nothing.
That sounds like a fantastic idea, can’t wait to see how the PvP community would react.


Yeah grey ones bleed is too much. No different than the feroxic weapons and poison effects. Imagine a thrall with a go mace in exiled lands. Game over. If it goes to El, it has to do so without Siptah dlc.

As far as crafting you own yada yada yada, no skin in that game but I believe the top to 2nd to top damaging weapon on every category on the wiki is grey one, so adding in the damage increases is a bit… meta.

Well aren’t you just a bundle of joy? :roll_eyes:

But in all seriousness, PvP is gonna complain about anything and everything. I don’t see how PvP would make a difference in the grand scheme of things when very few active players on EL even have these recipes in the first place. Regardless, even if the weapons weren’t available, it makes zero sense to not allow the armor, considering the armor is pretty weak. Overall, I just don’t think much thought was put into how they implemented these items.

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Perhaps, but it does seem to make learning the recipes a bit pointless. Why on earth would you craft something you can loot? They should have just left off the recipes if there’s zero benefits to actually learning them in the first place. And as I mentioned in the previous post, the armor could still benefit regardless. It’s pretty weak compared to most other stuff.

There’s no reason to make this a PVP issue. Its imbalanced for PVE situations as well to benefit from crafters. PVE has balance concerns even if a handful are naive to the fact.

I don’t see how making fighting things in PvE easier is a bad thing. If someone doesn’t want to do that, use something less affective. I’ve never heard a pve player ask to nerf a weapon because it was too strong. Never. Nerf requests are always due to pvp.

Well I have asked for balance changes in the past for PVE reasons, so what you said isn’t exactly true. I have also seen it in several dozens of games over the last 25 years.

Ok, very few requests then. That being said, what are some PvE balancing adjustments that need to be made currently? As far as nerfing goes? I’d genuinely like to know since I see no issues with having an op weapon.

In this topic, just leave things as they are. For anything else, gets flagged as off topic.


Understandable. Though I’d genuinely like some feedback on that at some point, since I’ve never seen it come up as an issue.

You’re right, they should remove the drops so crafting them would be the only way of obtaining them :slight_smile:

I do… it’s quite a horrible thing actually given the current state of the game…
And we did ask for nerfs… both for weapons and for thralls :man_shrugging:

On PvE? I don’t recall ever seeing that. :face_with_diagonal_mouth: I do recall a lot of that talk from PvP. Then a lot of “thralls don’t matter. Why nerf thralls? Git good!” And it just went back and forth between the PvP community itself.

The Grey One Bleed is too much?
Certainly that is a bad joke.
Just like the Goblinoid weapons, the Grey One Bleed does not stack like “regular” bleeds or Poison from Feroxic weapons.
The single stack bleed is… barely noticeable.

/End directed response.

That said, this one personally weighs in on the side of no to crafting on tables.
The weapon stats are extremely good already.
However, they pay for that by being fragile, heavy, and having an additional stamina surcharge to attacks with them.

If they could benefit from thrall craft skill, the base stats should be dropped, and they should be gated behind epic craft skills… and that’s just a hassle. As is they are an excellent “disc one nuke” for acquiring early and then carry you until vault gear replaces them.

This one would infinitely prefer if Obsidian weapons from Exiled Lands (or rather, from the mini zone inside the Volcano) got buffed to be on par with Grey One weapons. It’s such an annoyance to go all the way into the volcano just to make okish gear.
As opposed the the forge of the First Men which is significantly easier to get to and is conveniently located near the Fractured Citadel.

Also, composite obsidian from dismantling is easy enough that one need never even go to the forge of one just wants to hang out in the Isle of Dawn.


The thrall nerf that came with 3.0… that was actually mainly requested by PvE players :stuck_out_tongue:
PvP players didn’t care too much about them as they just stood on a rock and used gas arrows or spears to kill them anyway without the thrall being able to fight back :stuck_out_tongue:

In any case… there is such a thing as “too easy” from an objective point of view… to where you feel you’re just moving into “cheater” territory and further buffing weapons without some AI improvement or change to enemies will just push the game further and further into that zone.

I see so many players on a daily basis who are like… completely out of touch with reality… They probably had their characters since forever, sitting in their giant fortresses on their loot hoard like a dragon :slight_smile: They never learned the combat system of this game, what weapons work in which scenario or that they don’t have to take hits to the face in most cases as simply stepping to the side avoids most attacks.

And no, I’m not talking about “git gud” and skill levels… but basic information and the laziness to figure it out or research it…
Those are the players who will rather “brute force” the game by for example tweaking their settings and increasing player damage / reducing NPC health and making claims like “the health of bosses was balanced with multiplayer in mind”

Anyway… mindless rambling aside… what I am trying to point out is that sometimes less is more…
If you make something way too easy to where killing a boss is the equivalent of farming an iron node because you have the “sword of a thousand truths” and can 5-hit bosses… that might work for a select few people… generally also the ones who don’t mind “bending the rules” and cheating a bit with creative mode / admin commands if they have the ability… but it will take away from the game for a much larger group of people…

We’re already in a sketchy territory… to apply what you said above about the recipe to other things…
“If vendors sell legendary weapons and black blood tools, why would I bother to use iron ones?..”
“If the grey ones weapons are stronger than anything else, why would I bother with anything else?..”
And slowly we’re moving into the territory where the game plays itself… and less and less actual content is available…


So the rule still applies that if you don’t like it, don’t use it, right? I know a number of people on here that won’t use thralls or op armor because they prefer the challenge. So how’s this any different? Also, if you’re on single player or a private server, you play the game according to how you want to. I play on official, and if I can kill rockslide in a purge easier, or farm the red mother easier, I will. In fact, I used the supposedly “broken” heritance on siptah today and crashed several times on the red mother. If it weren’t for that mace, I’d likely have gotten killed somewhere in there, just trying to kill it asap before crashing again. In that respect, the game is MAKING me want to kill bosses easier right now, especially if you got a purge and have no choice but to face one. Honestly, I play the game less for challenge and more for the building and fun factor.

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Nah, that was never a thing… it was always just an excuse for people wanting poor game design repeated on here like a mantra by a tiny handful of people :stuck_out_tongue:
There’s a limit to what you can ask players to reasonably ignore before they just say screw it…

(However when it comes to the black blood tools etc. I actually don’t use them)

So you’re basically using and advertising an exploit :man_shrugging:

Yes… and the solution to bad servers is to… buff weapons?.. like… really?.. I don’t know what is up with this community, but I find that it is capable of coming up with the most ridiculous unrelated “fixes” to the actual bugs and issues…

Then why do you need better weapons? :man_shrugging: Building doesn’t involve weapons…

Ugh… never mind… it’s not even worth discussing this. And I still haven’t seen a single thread from PvE players that requested to nerf thralls because they’re too op. The only ones I’ve seen are people that wanted to use thralls but said they were too much. You know, thralls don’t have to be used. I didn’t use any for the first year I played. So either you want the “help” or you don’t. Which is it? Also, they’ve made them terrible against purges now days, especially if your base is purged by someone else. The vast majority of players didn’t ask for a nerf.

As for the servers? The servers are terrible and crashing is ridiculous. The exploits are the only way to effectively combat a situation that Funcom has hard time actually fixing. But you know, they’ll fix the damage on it because that’s way easier to do, but expect the crashes to continue for an undisclosed time.

Basically the takeaway from all this is that the recipes for the gray ones weapons are useless and people think they’re too op and basically cheating with any additional crafter buffs.

I mean… as far as discussing it goes… I’d like to point out that so far literally every single person who replied to this thread was against this suggestion…

And like I said for the old “You don’t have to use it” argument… that only goes so far…

It’s like those comedy sketches where two people try to enter a house and one person climbs the wall and squeezes in a window… while the other one simply tries the door and the door is open… the difference being that we KNOW the door is open and we’re “pretending” it isn’t…
PvE content is a thing… and the above is taking away from that… so like @Taemien said above… there is such a thing as PvE balance… and easier isn’t always the best…

So basically, remove the recipes. They’re useless as I said. Either that or make them craftable on the volcanic forge in EL and buff the obsidian weapons.