Obelisks STILL Blocked After 3 Weeks PS4 PvE Server 3732

It’s been 3 weeks since many players on a server reported it, and yet nothing has been done about the walls surrounding Obelisks or the players that built them. As someone who spends a lot of time on this server, I would very much like to know, how much longer do we have to wait for someone to do something?

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@DeviousGoddess21 and others have been posting about the problem on your server @stelagel did a run through the server to see for himself seems pretty messed up

did you send your complaints to this address?


Your greatest problem my friend is the communication. Blocked obelisk is a small problem in front of the fact that the whole warmakers dungeon is blocked. Find a way to communicate and play for each other. Your server is not welcome at all and you get the feeling that you are in a building contest server and not a pve server. At least open your doors, since it’s pve and nobody can steal you, let the others see your work. Maybe this will justify your massive builds, maybe. It is official server and it belongs to everyone, you have exceptional builders in your server, still you could do smaller so lags would be less :wink:. Your server made 25 minutes to restart, omg.


Sadly I’m losing hope in funcom even doing anything for our server It just lets jerks think they can do anything. It’s pathetic that other players from other servers care more to check out what is going on more then funcom does. WAKE UP FUNCOM!!!

Also don’t tell us to send another report to zendesk bc that’s crap bc y’all don’t do anything but copy and paste then no follow thru so dont waste our time with that garbage answer.


@Community please read this.

Hello everyone,

Please follow the procedure to report issues as stated in our guidelines:

Thanks in advance.

No they don’t we have reported and reported nothing happens so that’s a lie and you know it.

Zendesk emails the same answer to you everytime so the whole send a ticket is nonsense. We are all tired of that response we want results not the typical garbage send a ticket response.

They are now walling and blocking off new Asagarth.

As stated before, we require players to follow the report procedure.

Only then we are abble to register the issue and forward to the team that will investigate and take actions if they judge necessary.

Also, we’re currently experiencing a high volume of tickets and response might be delayed.

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I reported it again, this time specifically saying they have blocked off the warmakers dungeon and were blocking off new asagarth. I also said if they asked me for a screenshot pointing to these locations I would lose hope in them. They asked.

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I am beginning to wonder if any of these people have played the game that they are in charge of fixing.

Sestus, I am sure they didn’t need a screenshot of NA’s location but rather some visual evidence of the issue reported.

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Thanks for following procedure. And @Narelle is right, we require screenshots for visual and irrefutable evidence as stated in our Guidelines. We’ll poke the team about your ticket.

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