Occult Defence rewards


Extra shards are also in the rotation. We did 1+5 waves (15 through 20), received 4 extra distillates and 1 extra heap of shards. Shards might be the 3rd in order, so the 6th extra wave might have given more shards rather than 1 more distillate. I may try 6 today.


In 4 min, we get 3 distillates now in OD, whereas we get 4 (the 5th is way too rare) in 12 min of S&P. So it is 2-2.25x faster to grind OD.


Ah quite right.


There are times I’d wish for 3x glyph and others I’d wish for 3x signet or even weapon or talisman. IMHO, I’ve always far FAR preferred reward systems that let you choose – typically via currency of some kind that’s cashed in later. A system that gave you “distill cash” for later purchase would be ideal.

And, while on the strange segue of reward systems, I really don’t see why anything is character bound. What’s wrong with leveling up an item and then selling it? Would certainly breath some life into the fully 70 crowd (for gearing alts or just plain stacking up MoF).