Occult Drama 101 - Theatrical items

I have completed all side and main missions in New England. Thus far, none of the theatrical items have dropped and hence the Occult Drama 101 achievment remaining outstanding. Anyone know where they drop please?

There’s a theatrics vendor by the upper bar in the Albion.

New England Theatrics and Lighthouse Backdrop are not available from the theater vendor.

I have a feeling that all of the New England theatrical items are first time mission achievments. I’ve done all of the New England sides and mains, so in theory these should have dropped long ago and I should therefore have received the achievment points but have not.

I do remember having to buy some of the backdrop to complete the achievement, so not all of them are drops.

Did you check Delivered Items? I recall various things popping up in there…


The achievement “Occult Drama 101” requires the following:

  • New England Theatrics
  • Innsmouth Academy Theatrics
  • Lighthouse Backdrop

They can be acquired from the following locations:

  • New England Theatrics - First Time Completion Reward from the mission, “The Pick-Up”.
  • Innsmouth Academy Theatrics - 5000 Marks of Favour from the Set Designer on the second floor of the Albion Theatre (120,235).
  • Theatrical Backdrop: Lighthouse - First Time Completion Reward from the mission, “A Reasonable Man”.

It’s possible that you either deleted your Theatrical Backdrop: Lighthouse and New England Theatrics when you originally got them, or you shoved them in your bank in some dark abyss. Unfortunately, Dr. Caligari doesn’t sell First Time Completion Rewards post-completion, though he really should for the pets or theatrics, now that I think about it… I think we need to have a Talk with Dr. Caligari, but I digress.

If you don’t have those two items hidden absolutely anywhere and it turns out that you deleted them, you may be able to /petition to get them back so your character can consume them!

I hope this helps!


Many thanks Vomher.

Nothing in my inventory, so it seems that I deleted both of the first time rewards from these missions without realising their importance. I have raised a petition and hope that a kindly GM will restore these for me.

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Make sure you didn’t plop them in your bank storage in Agartha.

Petition resulted in GM saying that the missing items would re-drop if I carried out any missions in New England, so on this occassion would not reinstate.

Guess it might be quicker to create an alt, get the New England Theatrics and Lighthouse, then put in my cabal bank for re-transfer back to me.

Vomher, is it possible you could compile a list of where/how the various theatrics drop throught all the adventure zones please? Think that would be ideal to have as a sticky on the forum.

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I was already putting one together before this post, but yes! I’ll have all information on Theatrics and the Albion Ballroom Theatre itself available soon! :>

I’ve never heard of the First Time Completion Reward theatrics re-dropping, so that’s interesting to hear. Please let us know if you stumble into your missing theatrics!

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Will do and many thanks :smiley:

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