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My character is an Illuminati character. I obtained the Templar Dapper Buzz during the TSW legacy transfer. I am almost positive my account back then had also obtained a few Lumie pieces. However, none of the Lumie items are available for me to wear. Only the Templar.

No Lumie pieces of the Dapper Buzz have dropped for me either, during this event. (EDIT: Probably because I already have them or it is reading that I already have a full set of -a- faction outfit?)

I think some wires might be crossed regarding the Dapper Buzz and its availability to certain toons.

(EDIT II: I just double-checked. I apparently do NOT have any pieces of the Illuminati Dapper Buzz on my legacy account.)

The faction coloured Dapper Buzz pieces only drop as one generic variant in SWL. Using that generic variant adds your factions version of the Dapper Buzz piece to the dressing room.

As far as I can tell, the game also checks your dressing room in order to not give you duplicates. I have found 5 pieces so far (one of each), then no more pieces since I completed the set. That check must be wonky when it comes to characters who transferred faction coloured Dapper Buzz pieces from TSW. Since you already have the red version, that’s good enough for the game. It’s denying you further drops because you already have all pieces.

One thing you can try right now is buy an “infused” piece from the auction house to see if it adds the blue version to your dressing room, but it’s a long shot.

Yeah, I figured something like that was happening behind the scenes. I remember people holding on to their cosmetics to sell since they would not get another if they did consume it.

I just picked up a pair of Dress Shoes from the AH:

You received [Infused dress shoes, faction colored]

It did not even show up (as a clickable item) in my inventory. The only dress shoes that are available for me to wear are the classic and Templar styles still. And I’m out 15k MoFs.

Womp womp! (And for science!)

That’s weird, I bought my Lumie a full set of the faction Dapper Buzz and he can wear it. And the green and red version too.

It should drop for you though, that’s not right that it won’t.

That’s really, really weird. I thought they would have blocked it off since they made a big deal of explicitly saying we can’t wear cross-faction outfits anymore. ( RIP Temp healer outfit :cry: )

I’ll keep trying. The RNG drop rate was frustrating for me in the original game. And I am slightly put off that the AH effectively ate my money. That really should not happen. Hm.

IIRC It was blocked off, but now it’s not. So that part’s not sounding right either!

Okay, I am an idiot. I found out where my wayward shoes were hiding, and I did receive my Illuminati version.

I’m still slightly concerned though if I have to retrieve the rest of the set from the AH or keep rolling the dice for the Gatekeeper, hoping that the set I already have is not considered a “duplicate”… (though I highly suspect it is.)

Again, though, I’ll keep clearing the GK until I hear something official.

The faction-colored Buzz pieces will not drop if you have any version of them in your dressing room. Either hold onto the bags until it’s fixed, or give the bags to someone to open who doesn’t already have the pieces.

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I have to disagree with this because my Dragon has the Illuminati pants from legacy transfer, as well as having Dragon pieces from this event that dropped while the previous Dragon pieces were in her dressing room (i.e. Dragon shirt was in dressing room and shoes dropped, then shoes were added to dressing room and gloves dropped). I don’t doubt there’s a bug in the system, but saying that none will drop if you already have some is at least inaccurate for me.

Let me rephrase. If you already have the pants, in any (faction) color, no pants will ever drop for you again. Same for the other slots.

Hi all,

Thank you very much for bringing this issue to our attention and for collecting your observations. I’ve confirmed with the developers that there is an issue with the faction-colored Dapper Buzz pieces dropping in some circumstances. They’re looking into fixing this as soon as possible, but the fix won’t be done in time for tomorrow’s planned update. Your patience and understanding in this matter is greatly appreciated.


Thanks for the confirm. Nice to know it’s being looked at. :slight_smile:

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