Occupation of much of the map area


Hello, it is the first time that I write in this forum, since I have only been three weeks with the game.
I belong to server # 1005 PVE Official. PC platform.

For a few days now I have been expanding my construction through a reduced area of ​​the map and the terrain is difficult for those of us who do not yet control the issue.
The fact is that since yesterday, a clan “The Exiles” have been occupying a huge part of the grid. Specifically D11 from beyond the entrance of the Rift to the exit, and both extensions, as well as by the mountain. But they are not buildings, just lines of random sandstone blocks.
Today they found some blocks that I had put to put a platform for the map, they have spread so fast and so much that I had not even realized that they were behind my building.
Today I find that they have put blocks around my house occupying my area so that I can not build any more with a sign saying I am leaving blocks in THEIR area. Leaving me fenced, reducing my resources and forcing myself not to be able to build.

Can it be built that way? Is that normal behavior? Can it be reported?

Welcome to Conan!!

This is a know issue, I suggest you report this on official channels with screenshots, this is abuse of claim system. Very very toxic behavior.

You can reported here :


Please read the info at the link provided, it will tell you how to go about reporting the issue.

From the sound of it you have a legitimate complaint, good luck! :slight_smile:
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yes, it is usual for official servers to host a compulsive theme park builders, who just build till they reach edges of map

It can be reported, I did it once.


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