Official 1116 Cheater spotted. read his name

Hello everyone, i dont care anymore what are the rules to say or what not to say.

its not gonna work if we dont open our mouths for once.
there is this guy in official 1116 server, i know he cheat because he joined our clan to ‘‘help’’ us by using ‘‘duplicate’’ i didnt know all of this at first until i saw it with my own eyes and i left clan. he also left and solos he is 300 clan member.
his name is 1 2 3 on steam account and in game is ‘’ :)’’ a smile emoticon.
this guy gets payed by other clan members to use cheats and all sorts of exploits.
feel free to check, he probably also use DDOS to crash server like yesterday and everytime the clan that payed him $$$ getting raid on their main base, he always crash server and always logs first with his new cheater buddy Thorin.

feel free to check cuz i have all day to spam forums with this guy until he gets perma ban.

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Brimstone griefer on 1111 official server. Black ice spam in the entire brimstone lake… It’s disgusting… They also named themselves ExLLed Farts - everyone thinks that alphas did it…

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