Official 2509 rage rant

4/14/19 @ 9:18am est. official 2509 appears down. My internet is fine. Crossing Frosbite bridge, someone has built all over it, I got booted and now I can’t sign back it. But I can sign in to other games. What happens to my awesome thrall captain? My body will be looted, but will she? So frustrated right now. Please fix this game… #Starmetallootingsucks.

Update: got back in: game immediately crashed; I had died. Lost all my stuff. You can’t log in you have to log into single player offline mode. But the game kept crashing!!! So pissed. Why is my internet stable for other games but not this one?!?!!!

Officially rage quitting, I freely admit it. Congratulations Conan on being my downfall today.

Update update: I apologize for my mediocre game rage rant. No excuses just apologies. Found my loot bag and my awesome Thrall, but I’m seriously done with Conan today. Thank you for reading, sympathy and most likely laughs. Good Day!

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Please report (Official) server issues in the appropriate place:

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