Official PVP State - UNPLAYABLE (List of problems)

Game mode: Online official
Type of issue: Crash, bugs, exploits, performance
Server type: PvP and PvE-Conflict
Region: ALL

Now it’s literally UNPLAYABLE STATE. Official PvP and even PvE-Conflict servers are flooded with hackers, cheaters, exploiters. I have swapped server like 10 times now. There’s time when its fine but after while everyone can see there’s a lot issues. For PvP server to make sence it have to be FAIR - now it isn’t at all.

Known PROBLEMS so far:

  1. CRASHERS - People crash server to dupe items, god spawns, max stats and many others. I have swapped many servers and it comes to any populated server sooner or later. Some people were crashing server WHOLE DAY, so you had to waste WHOLE DAY just to go back to base. (10 sec movement, crash and repeat)

  2. ALL 50 STAT - It exist since EA? That’s main but not only reason people CRASH servers. Imagine fighting vs 50 STAT person - it’s sure that You will die - FUN isn’t it? That destroys whole sence in PvP at all if You are legit player.

  3. SPEED HACKERS - You are chased by 2-3 people on horses? You managed to escape a bit by using enviroment as your adventage? Still You got caught by teleporting / speedhacking people that come to You instantly? So much fun.

  4. INVISIBLE KILLERS / HACKERS - Prepare to get slaughter by people that are invisible. Nice. You can’t even report them - it show’s up as “You killed by yourself”, even on EVENTLOG. Them may even get inside your base without opening door as invisible ghost and check if it’s worth to raid or simply just kill You.

  5. UNDERMESHERS - Everyone knows it, some people just build under ground that suspossed to be fixed? No it’s not. Its ugly and stupid way to exploit but its impossible to fight against them if You want to play fair.


Adding n. 6

  1. Invicible mode after throwing an axe. You are invincible for few seconds even against other players.

all true, and im also almost giving up from the game because of this,

but please report this with Direct Message to admins ,
because its like the GuideLines require,
they will do nothing about an post here on the forum,
unfortunately, bureaucracy…

here are the list of them:

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Hello @kecepek405, as @Hellbell mentioned, please follow our Guidelines to report those players and our team will investigate.

Also, to tag all members of our team you should use @Community, there’s no need to tag individual members.