Official Server #1029: Performance… EXTREMELY BAD

As i already posted in the Server Forum and no one seems to care, i try it here again!

Official Server #1029 has VERY… EXTREMELY BAD Performance!

It’s completely impossible to Play “as inteded”
Mob’s teleporting and stuttering around as of the BAD Server Performance!
Player, Mods and NPC’s are “rubberbanding” ALL THE TIME…

Performance (Server FPS and Ping) decreases with increasing number of Players!

  • Player count below 5 = Performance is “good”
  • Player count about 10 = Performance is “OK-ish”
  • Player count above 15 = Performance is “bad”
  • Player count above 20 = Performance is “almost unplayable”
  • Player count above 25 = Performance is “completely unplayable”
  • Player count above 35 = Disconnect and seems Server Restart?

If there are “just” 30 out of 40 players online…
Server FPS are at 3-5 with a Ping of 400-600 (see Screenshot → Debug Hud)

Screenshot - worst Performance!

Screenshot - Bad Performance(almost all the time!)

Greetings fuba82!
Thank you for reporting your situation regarding the poor server performance and I’ll guarantee you that our team does care for all issues and reports our players bring us every day :slightly_smiling_face:

As such, because this is an issue related to a specific server, could you please follow our Official servers guidelines to submit a ticket through our Zendesk platform:

We’ll be awaiting your ticket fuba82!