Official Server #1114


Hi, on official server #1114 the server has a very large building made in the form of a grid. It starts almost from the big river, and reaches the southern aqueduct, around which all the land is built up, members of the Brotherhood clan. Ignasis can you resolve this? Thank you for help.

Must be all banned from officials for fews months.

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This is not the correct place to report server abuse.

Please review the process in the link below:

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Might be there to stop players from building under the mesh. You can build a huge base over the cave just below the mesh. Unless they have build in there themselves…

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Undoubtedly, it is possible to build in any other place. And it’s not even that they occupied a large area. It’s how they did it. You want a big fortress. Make it beautiful. And such chaotic buildings, very much spoil the impression of the game.

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