Official Server #1813 PvP - Server Stability Issues Lately!

Hi Team,

Please look at server 1813 PvP – things have been VERY unstable this weekend. I had multiple chests and crafting stations vanish after server restart (not lost to game mechanics, not raided, nothing in event log). Chests were there before morning server reboot and gone after. Same thing this morning, following reboot my firebowl was gone along with all my brimstone within.

I have no issue losing items to death or raiding, losing hours of resources to the server not saving properly is tilting. This seems to be a fairly new issue.

Thanks in advance,

Funcom Customer since Anarchy Online Launch

Hey, ReefKeeper. I’m very sorry to hear that some of your things were lost following the recent update. Unfortunately we don’t have any logs of what you might have had or any tools that we can use to restore your items.

I’ve reported this problem to our developers so they can investigate what would cause players to lose items after this update. Hopefully they can find an answer and prevent this sort of thing from happening in future patches.

At the moment server 1813 is operational with no apparent issues. Should you notice any further instability issues please contact us using the server report tool or through Twitter so we can assist you more quickly.

Twitter: @ConanExiles, @FuncomHelp, @Funcom

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