Official Server #1995 South America not working


So, it looks like #1995 SA didn’t came back after the daily reset at 6:00 am.
It seems like it’s online with 15/40, but no one can connect to it. It must have glitched or something.
I’ve already talked with more than 15 people that play on #1995 and none of them can connect to it.
Could you guys restart it?

Thanks for everything


Do you have any predictions Funcom ??

Server on the rocks, ain’t no big surprise. Prime time traffic will kill one of these servers pretty quickly it seems, then it’s a wait until the morning before it boots back up.

Both #1995 and #1985 are still not working / being offline since yesterday! We need some assistance!

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server 1995 is still off the air can someone tell me why?

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