Official us ps4 pvp server 3561

Game mode: [Online | Singleplayer] ONLINE
Problem: [Crash | Bug | Performance | Misc] DRASTIC LAG / CORRUPTION / DEFECT
Region: [Here] US EAST COAST

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***On official pvp server ( PS4) 3561 I have noticed that despite being less populated and there being less structures built, the rendering is more than 150% slower than any of the other pvp servers I have played and am currently playing ( a total of 6 servers including this one). Also, the npc enemies not only wander from spawn points but also seem to create a “new spawn point” in doing so. Each day, even after reset I notice that Reapers end up spawning in the Galleon area and that Bosses stray from their intended locations. All activity seems to cease when walking away from an area creating a “frozen in time” effect. Example: I knock a thrall unconscious but do not enslave said thrall or place him on the wheel…I come back 6 hours later and that same thrall is still unconscious on the ground, right where I left him. One base which is larger than normal but smaller than others, literally takes about 7-9 minutes to render and staggers the entire server each time a player approaches it. Enemies simply do not attack for a full 1-2 minutes of standing right by them. These issues have been ran by every clan that remains on the server ( which is not many since most players were frustrated and left due to these issues) and I have been told that more than just myself have noticed and experienced these problems. Please give this server an individual once over. I know there is something more wrong with it than other servers that I play, daily.
Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Just play the server and you will notice within 3 minutes that this server is severly jacked compared to the other servers which are only moderately jacked.
  2. I posted this once before and Funcom completely ignored it despite stating that this forum is the best avenue to get results.

Have you reported this to Is your server unavailable? Use our report tool! ? If not, please do so.

I hope this gets fixed for you soon :wink:

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