Offline Play inquiry

Is it possible to play this game offline so I can actually play? I have had a serious bug that crashes the game when I get to ‘connecting to funcom servers’ so I cant play it. Funcom doesn’t seem to be able to fix it so I wanna play it offline so I can actually play what I paid for.

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With FLS messing up everything, dont know if that is giving you the problem, most likely not.

Please note that on Steam Store page, “Broadband Internet connection” is listed as part of the game’s system requirements. So “what you paid for” is a game that requires an internet connection.

@Kapoteeni If not mistaken, op is one of the AMD users who experience crashes when trying to connect to FLS. So technically, you are right but …

I also paid to be able to play the game. Take your smart ■■■ comments somewhere else.

The short answer is no more offline play, at some time in the past it was possible on PC with a mod.
I think only consoles can play offline now.

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There is this MOD

The dialog box for FLS still pops up for a second but the game still seams to come up and play without a connection.

You could give it a try. It may or may not work, all I can say is it works for me.

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I wish I could use it. I cannot get to the mods section of the game itself to activate it in order to use the damned thing.

in your folder /conansandbox/Mods
make a text document called modlist.txt
in the body of the doc put -

Adjust the path to fit your steam installation.

This will bypass the need to use the game gui to install the mod.


Thanks brother. I will give it a try!

Still no go. The game still tries to connect to the funcom servers even with this mod.

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