Oh my god how ridiculous this game is now

This game used to be about survival and that was the main attraction for me, building your way up over time from nothing. Gathering resources slowly, having to be careful not to die when traveling far from your base so you wouldn’t have to run across the map to get your loot. Now all that has been removed with these nonsense harrypotter spells. Died on the other edge of the world with extremely precious loot? No problem, just spell your corpse back to base. Need to harvest a lot of materials? Don’t worry, just use a spell and get everything at once. Someone build a base with good defenses that would take a lot of time and resources to destroy? Never mind, just fly on top of it with a bat and find a quick way in.

I know that the spells need to be learned and it takes a bit of time and effort but it’s really not that much. I haven’t even been trying and i have my sleeves full of these spells.
THIS IS COMPLETE NONSENSE! You have destroyed the pvp gameplay idea. And yet you can’t fix a problem like the character direction locking on console that can be removed only by climbing. This game is a joke.


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