Ok ffs how many times am i going to wake up in the desert naked

It seems that passive regen (+30 vit) does not proc when you are offline (client side perhaps), but extreme temperatures do.

If you log out in a cold place, your silent legion might as well be your coffin.

Where is your base? What do you usually wear when logging off? Is the temp at extreme or worse?
Is your base made out of materials that can cool or heat?

Decorative fireplaces proc AOE heat (I think), so if too cold, you could try logging out near one or more of those.

A couple of legendary shields offer +/- 20 points of temp adjustment, although whether they are technically still equipped whilst unconscious is another matter.

that makes sense since im living near the temple of frost and explains why my clan mates arent having the problem

I can’t remember the details exactly but I think a full set of SL reduces your temperature by 20-25 points.

If nothing else, log out next to a fireplace with your SL unequipped.

There’s also a possible bug that’■■■■■ me recently where when I log in, much of my health is missing. So it might be something unrelated to temps. A cube square safe room made entirely out of black ice stuff might help too, though I’m not familiar with the details of how different materials affect temps.

I ever had this kind of bug a few times, I spawned in the desert even though I had a bed and a bedroll placed.

Two times even with full inventory that’s carried after death, so I couldn’t really suicide in the desert to get back when I had full inventory with me because I had to take home the stuffs, so I was forced to run from desert to northwest near barrowking which took 10-15 mins.

Iirc its probably because I was alt-tabbing, so my character died when the game window wasnt active.

I vaguely remember reading that if you fall through the map, it moves you to the starting area in the desert but you don’t die (keeping all your gear).

Well that one is correct, happened to me twice when I was rhino hunting

Just put everything in a chest before logging off. Does not matter then if you die or not.

I live in volcano. I have learned logging out naked equals death. The extreme weather conditions will kill you if your not equipped properly before logging out.

that’s the answer, while SL is great in the volcano, what do you run around in it around the Frosttempel ?

It’s a very cold area, where a starmetal-armor, or at least a cimmerian one if you don’t have. If you own the last dlc, the heavy kithan armor is also very warm, one of the warmest in game right now, and fine for causual hang around in base and so.

For my part i ended in the desert like you say maybe twice, and this in early acces, otherwise i don’t never experiment this if i do things right.

We have noticed that if your bed and/or bedroll is too close to a wall or other placeable, it sometimes prevents you respawning at it. This doesn’t explain the death in the first place, but it may be worth moving your beds to see if that helps to stop you respawning in the desert.

Once in the desert, if you remove your bracelet, can you respawn at your bed?

They do. Fireplaces generate +20 heat (in a tiny area in front of them) when turned on and +10 when not, same as a Furnace or Improved Furnace. But the difference is that Fireplaces default to on, whereas Furnaces default to off.

Insulated Wood buildings give at least +10 heat, I think it might even be +15. Black Ice Reinforced Wood buildings only give +5.

Also, you should still get the benefit of armor when logged off, so if you’re logging out up by Temple of Frost, make sure you’re in the best possible cold-resist armor. Cold resist armor is +1 heat per piece, +1 extra if it’s epic, +1 or +2 extra for exceptional or flawless, +1 extra on top of that if it’s Vanir armor.

Right now it’s not possible to make Flawless Vanir armor; the armorer spawn point is bugged. If it were possible, a full set of Flawless Epic Vanir armor would be +25 heat, comparable to the -25 heat that you get from a full Silent Legion set.

(Source: I spent about a week running temperature experiments.)


you may be interested by this tread Question about T4 armorer thralls

let’s hope the T4 will at get fixed soon, so we can craft in a honorable way our flawless armors.

Taking the appropriate measures to make sure you log off in a place with the correct temperature is one thing, but when the official server crashes while youre in the cold or in the volcano, and you wake up in the desert having lost all your gear, it strains on the patience (like yesterday for me). Im running around like a nervous wreck fearing the daily server outage could take all my gear at any point. Im loving the game, but the rules of the game should be predictable, consistent and fair.

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A word of advice (other than bedroll as much as possible :smiley: ) – check the Steam Game Info on your server. If any player shows a playtime of 4 hours or more, your server is stale, and should be handled carefully. As in, stay close to base. Otherwise you’re in for tears. This is temporary, but during periods of predictable outages you have to play… preservatively.

the blue torches from abysmal cave create cold. try placing some of them near your logout point

hmm maybe its only when you hold the torch then, that’s too bad.

Probably until they put out another cash-grab DLC if the game is still alive for that

Witchfire Standing Torches reduce heat by 5 in a tiny area around them. In theory you could crowd a ton of them around your logout spot and hope that that, plus your Silent Legion armor, would be enough.

But there’s one more crazy thing you could try: it turns out that plain old Sandstone building blocks reduce heat by up to 20 if you’re in a small room. (I’m not 100% sure how this works. I think that it’s -5 per building block that you’re standing close to, so if you’re in a corner of a single-story room that’s two walls plus the foundation block plus the ceiling block.) That plus Witchfire torches plus Silent Legion armor should, if I’ve done the math right, make it safe to log out in the volcano.

Make a bedroom within the structure for sleeping. good idea!

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