Ok funcom hear me out ! 🤣

Was in a Stargate buzz so build these but to encourage people to play siptah, make it free or part of a battle pass, picture this , your doing your thing in exile lands you see an event where the hole tears open in the sky, that ya have going on over in sipamaru, doing that event , kill the boss in the bubble,when that dies a transport stone is there to grant you access to Siptah, and the only way back to exiles is opening a Leyshrine ,complete that and your home, best of both worlds , people can get siptah gear, tames, weapons, either live there or exiles,


I like the idea! To give players the best of both world but i must say i highly doubt funcom will do this as siptah has this already but i would say it would make sense due to the fact that the surge opens up a portal to the exiled lands so the exiled lands should be affected by it in some way but other then that a nice idea!

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