Old Character does not load when is selected

Hello there guys,

I was one of the players who bought the collector’s edition of the game the moment it was released back then. This edition granted me some in game items: The drinking Cape and the Ring of Acheron.

I remember I had created several toons back then in order to test which one I was going to main. Two days ago, I re-downloaded the game to check it once again. After I managed to log in, I saw only one slot with a level 29 Ranger and one more empty slot (???).

  1. Where are all the other characters?

  2. But even in this case, I cannot log in with that character no matter what. I choose the character and it takes forever to load him up so a message appears telling me my connection was timed up. So, I cannot confirm if these items are on him.

  3. Is there a way to reclaim them with another toon so that I can delete him and create another one? Were they account or character bound?

I opened a ticket but I read that it will take forever to answer me as the game is in maintenance mode…
If anyone can give a hint I would appreciate your help!

Thanks for your time.


The servers were merged multiple times. I believe characters that were idle for a significant time were placed in limbo.

You can make a new character and claim those collector edition items. You will need to log out once on the beach for the claim items to populate.

Thank you for your answer!

I made another char and I entered Tortage. So, I will delete the old one and make a new toon. How exactly can I reclaim them if you can guide me please?

Thanks in advance!

THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! I found them!!!

Thanks again for your help!

They did do ONE character clean out way way back and deleted characters that hadn’t been played in X amount of time and were still in Tortage, never having gone over lvl 20. So that might have hit some of your.

Character slots; Since you’re no longer a VIP, you now fall under they heading of being a F2p player (who normally one get 1 slot), but because your an old player they did some kind of grandfather thing and that’s why you have 2 slots. (my account fell into the same category when I came back).

Missing characters. As said with the server merges that happened your others (if not deleted) are in limbo and the only way I know to check on that is to go to your AOC ‘My Account’, log in with your game info and down at the bottom of the page should be a ‘character transfer’ button. Hit it and see if any come up. If so you’ll be able to move 1 over to your now active account.

Claiming the items from your box purchase. After hitting level 5 type /claim into the chat area or open up the inventory? panel (that or skill, one of those) and down at the bottom on the right panel you’ll see a claim button. Do that / hit that and it’ll bring up all the things associated with your account. (For me it’s a mammoth and inventory bag from my original box purchase).

You can not move characters between accounts, the character transfer is for servers.

Only the accounts created AFTER the f2p revamp are limited to 1* base character slot. That f2p revamp is the one that allowed purchased expansion packs to be played while still f2p. Accounts created before that have 2 base character slots (you were limited to 2* as f2p player when the game started to have f2p).

… * : Add extra character slots from saga servers, bonus from expansions, purchased slots, loyalty rewards, etc

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Didn’t explain that real well did I? OK, he had an account, it went inactive when he stopped playing it and it’s now active again; hence the ‘your now active account’. At no point did he say he created a totally new account. Just logged onto his inactive one.

Any characters in the ‘my account’ system would be associated with the account he logged in on and if from now closed servers he’d get a free transfer to fill that one open character slot he has.