Old client UI glitch

Heya all

In weird times of quarantine I thought why not to return to my all time fav game. So after 10 years Im back :slight_smile: and I love it.

But I have few issues. First, new beta client is on side very cool and nice, but those crashes are driving me crazy. Unfortunately can’t use Caloss2 tip for fixing it, because Im on red team and not using nvidia.

So I jumped back to old client. Oh those memories. But this is even worse, because I cant see any names. I mean player names, enemy names etc. Sometimes mouse completely disappear and if it’s there, it will disappear after hovering over a player.

What I did not try yet is uninstalling everything and install just old client (firstly I had new beta one)
Im running win 10 and 5700 XT with ryzen 3600 (if that helps)

Thanks for any help

old client (dont mind GUI)

new client

Hi, there is a similar “fix” for team Red posted here on the forums in here I think.

Also no names showing, should be switchable from the options menu in either client odd that it’s not on by default though.

Thanks for answer.

Unfortunately showing names in option is turned on. And it has to be some kind of glitch, because sometimes those names flick for a split of a second.

Hmm in that thread I found only some graphics improvements and not fix for crashing. But I might misread it.

But I found sth called dgvoodoo which should help with old games.
Will try that on old client. Anyway I have to run it in win 8 mode, otherwise it will crash immediately after login

I made a progress

Downloaded dgvoodoo2 and names are back! But there are now texture glitches

edit: Those white textures has to do sth with low quality textures. Because when I set slider for how far I can see quality wise those white textures are basically low quality field of view.

I have similar issues with my 5700 XT as well.

  1. I can’t open any web browser page
  2. The contextual cursor won’t display properly, making it almost impossible to interact with items.
  3. Names are not displayed.
  4. The cursor disappears entirely if I enable the FPS display.
  5. When loading, mouse-trails appear. The smooth fade-in transition doesn’t play, and the loading screen doesn’t show up either.

did you ever get an answer/solution to this i just switched to a 5600xt and have begun to experience the same issues