Textures gone, XML messed up

Hello, does anybody know a way to clear the cache or something? I see the models without textures, bosses, players, walls. Also my chat is showing a .xml file everytime i log. I have the strange UI but after the today update and the today win10 update too everything messed up.

Changed variable from <0> to <0>
Changed variable from <0> to <0>
Changed variable <dailyLogin_window> from to
Changed variable <itemshop_window> from to

Also everytime i ctrl-tab the system frozes, it never did this before and i have FPS lags while running.

Anything to do before i’m gonna format C: and eventually disintegrate win10 once for all? Thanks.

I’m sorry to hear about the trouble. We know this is a popular addon that players like to use. Unfortunately, since the introduction of the Saga servers, we’ve noticed a lot of issues that come up while it.

None of us here at Funcom have any experience with this addon and we can’t help you with issues that arise while using it. I haven’t heard of any problems from other players yet, so this might just be an issue with some corrupted files on your system (AOC or Strange UI). If this is a more widespread issue, then you might need to wait for the creator of StrangeUI to make an update.

In either case, if you’d like to temporarily remove the addon, then you can do so with these instructions:

If you’d like some personalized troubleshooting, we’ll be happy to work with you through email (provided that your game client is addon-free). You can start a tech support ticket at help.funcom.com/. Good luck!


Hello, i haven’t fixed the textures problems yet, not the UI that was fixed thanks to the above. I have a gtx 1070 update but i don’t think it’s the problem because it has been working fine always.

I think i have some corrupted files, i have the option to see the hidden folders, but i cannot find any cache folder. Repairing data and switching video option didn’t fix anything.

I see bosses without textures and so the players.

Anything that can fix this? Thanks.

Have you tried reinstalling the entire game?

I too have a GTX 1070. There are no issues with the textures on my end. I also only use the Funcom UI and no 3rd party programs. I know that this card works, so this leads me to believe that there may be some other issue on your end that is causing this. We’ll be happy to help you troubleshoot if you contact us through help.funcom.com/.