Old Dungeons and UC

Although it is clear to everyone that the Funcom resources dedicated to AoC are few, the Saga should have shown that many people are still interested in AoC.
Assuming it is not possible (or there is no interest from the Funcom) in new content, it is really so difficult or impossible to keep the old promise made to make all the old dungeons (sanctum, black castle, cradle of decay etc.) in version Unchained?
Maybe, if possible, it would be nice to also slightly reduce the trash of these dungeons under 80, so as to make the purist more frequent and stimulating and maybe even arrange the old droprate of Onyx Chamber, so as to make the search for vanity, pleasant!


trash mobs are ok, imo. Id say funcom need to up sanctum, because you need only 4 ppl to do sanctum purist. most easy one. purist dung. problem is go get group, if you not very lucky or play dps class, it can take days to get group to place you want do. in same time, I think not very hard to add old dung. and uc to "dungeon finder", I mean same way to get to dung. as rf. + more visual ui for it so you can see dung./ppl list and get to dung. that have more ppl in q, if you dont want wait or start new if you want do something df.