Old school players nostalgia thread


It’s been about 14-15 years since I stopped playing this game, and I seem to come back and check on the game’s status every now and then for nostalgias sake.

I’m making this thread for oldschool players like me to show appreciation to the people we got to know and to remember the good old times, feel free to add names of people you miss, remember, hated or w/e.

For those of you who remember me, I used to play a keeper called Edis. On RK2 I was “neutral”, even though I sided with omni. I loved to PVP and probably spent most of my ingame time doing just that.

I want to give a shout out to the players I remember from back then who I used to play with and who made the game fun for me. Both in PVP and PVM. You might notice that this list is only from RK2, but thats because I stopped playing before the servers were merged.

Onlyman - The agent that loved to pvp, but pretty much never showed up when there was some to be had. :smile:
Aratink - The funny fixer. Always had some witty remark and buffs ready for you. <3
Ivort - The neutral agent that thought me most of the game in the beginning.
Joakimwalker - Neutral advy. I still keep in touch with that guy. Funny guy.
Eevatytar - The only keeper I remember that consistently and annoyingly outdps’d me, be it in a beast raid, alien sectors or w/e.
Equobar - Was always in on going to OA to see if we could find someone flagged that we could kill
Dizzzz - Neutral crat. Died from cancer to young, RIP. Made some insane twinks back in the day
Brucelee2003 - Clan MA, was always doing towers for clans. Seemed to always show up when something was going on.
Toxicmen - Insanely knowledgeable player. Also excelent at pvp.
Shahiz - Excelent ganker. Never managed to get me down alone on a solo gank, though. :wink:

There are so many more, but I can’t seem to remember right now. Thanks for the fun times!

Best thread.
← RocksMulder ,Doormouse “Acid"Mothers"Temple” Apteekki hi all RK 13 since i dont know how long.We will meet in AO2 year 30015

Old game. Old players.

I remember a lot of folks. I will just list some names that stuck with me over the years. Wish them the best.

Lavademon - First high level that was nice to me.
Graviuz - PvM Enfo I learned a lot from.
Ssilly - Spent too much time blabbing with Ssilly and all their alts.
Omigawd - Friendly soldier I chatted with a lot.
Intentional - Fellow Guild enfo I was friends with.
Nastjenka - Org mate. Fixer I tried to model my first high level character after.
Curseddocie - Friendly Omni doctor I loved to chat with. She healed me when omni zergs would try to gank me. <3
Nariichimaru - Neutral Doc I would pester. They afked in Borealis a lot.
Publicenemy1 - Org mate who was a super high damage trader.
Sturmdrachin - My wife, met her at adonis hecklers.
Savona - Friendly MA I chatted with a lot.
Motaso - Leader of Infinity, been friends a long while.
Poem - Guild mate I spoke to for years.
Kariama - Guild leader who was always helpful and friendly.
Aussieborn - MA guild mate that was fun to chat with.
Uberminchen - Sent the literal first in game mail to me. “Cabbage enhancing pills.” Game director tried to pick a later e-mail to announce as the first in game e-mail. But I have the receipts. lol
Goldendrake - Friendly guild leader of Notum Force years back.
Cryfreman - Meta friend from years back.
Newz - Keeper/Meta friend I played with for years.
Bullhurley - Friendly leader of Infinity
Srompu - Friendly clan agent I PvPed with often over the years.

So many more that deserve mention. But wife is sleeping right behind me, need to be quiet. 8p

If I did not mention you it’s not because I forgot. It’s just there are literally hundreds of names I could burp out most of which I had positive experiences with.

Wish you all the best.
Hoping for an AO2.
If not…
See you all in the afterlife.
Have a good day. 8p


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