Oldbies around? 15+ years?

I wonder…

And, any guild for very old players?
Feeling so out of place :slight_smile:

I recently came back to the game, first started playing around 2002 :slight_smile: Loving it now I am back, just need to find an org!

Very Old as in been playing since 200X or as in ""You young whippersnappers!’? pounds cane on the floor :smiley: …never saw or heard of any org for the over 55 players but generally AO’s pop is pretty welcoming to all.

Well … personally since beta
Guild wise Storm is still around, the first guild in AO, created by a GM as org form wasn’t working.
So there’s that.

Played since launch, with many long breaks along the way

Started on December 2005 … still hanging around!

AO is 18+ years old and more or less looks like it. Most players have been playing for a while or on and off since around release. Welcome back, you just need a org.

Oh, and obligatory: “I ban playin thinth pre-pre-alpha” post.

played back in 2006 was with TRB (The Red Brotherhood) then found Midgar played to 2015 and left for 2-3 years and came back 2 weeks ago) xD

Damn AO still going :wink:

Beta tests, then regular paid account since January 2003 - playing still, but had 2 major breaks (longest was 14 months). Now I am here and enjoyingh the game :slight_smile:

Made my first account in 2006, so I just about hit the mark. Yea, we’re still about, where else are we gonna be?

Since Beta, never moved. :slight_smile:

And founded Athen Paladins in June 2003; we’re still here and rocking. 16 years old org with many old-timers playing as well as new ones (yes there are new players).

MP 220, Born on Rimor, active
Founder and elected President of Athen Paladins

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Been around since december 2004, paid since january 2005.

Been president of same org, aTrox Caelestis, since june 2005 (it was formed in february 2005). We have had a influx of returning old timers and the occacional new face.

President of aTrox Caelestis

Joined 10/2003, paid since 12/2003. Unpaid since 3/18 :frowning: