Once every 3 months

I’m going to do this once every 3 months until the miracle happens.

FUNCOM! Give me a Darfar or Kush DLC!

Use those tents found in all darfari camps as actual stations, with some armor/leather and other visual stuff inside of them to identify them, have the thralls when placed in them just sit inside doing some random hand movement like they do at the regular station, or just have them sit in there.

More skulls: flaming skulls on poles, hanging skulls and all that good stuff our overlord Yog likes.

More weapon variety, I have been watching closely those new weapon designs you have created for Siptah and they look fantastic, its great work, and I’m very interested in finding out how those new updated religious armor pieces are going to look/work (great addition as well)

No need for foundations/ceilings and doors that those uppity northern people like, just keep it simple for our southern chaps.

No walls, just an improved version of the palisade, maybe a bramble thorn palisade or a more savage looking one.

Imagine building an actual base out of those! all I see are gigantic castles everywhere, but a real savage looking village would look great.

A Kushite armor set and done!



consider the flotsam set from Siptah. now, consider a possible darfari version.

foundations/wedges: instead of wood foundations, make it piled rocks on the sides and ‘packed dirt’ on the top.
Walls: instead of wood, make it stretched hide or fur over a frame
Ceiling: make it a rough wood lattice lashed with leather strips
Roof pieces: again, stretched hide and fur with optional banners on peaks
stairs: make look like angled ladders
Fence foundation: field stone/rock pile
fences: rough stock palisade (no spikes )
assorted hide rugs and beds, skull lanterns, and fire pit braziers (as lights vs cooking stations)

lots of bone and feather decorations on walls etc and stand-alone too

Ensure it is a T1 build set like the flotsam vs T3 and I think it would be great!


YES! That would be like “the” dlc…I’m just trying to go cheap and simple for them…even something that basic would please Yog but your idea…it could actually be the t2 or t3 version!

FUNCOM! Yog-wills it!

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I think if they did any DLC related to the Black Kingdoms it would look more like Meso-American cultures which I believe were the inspiration for their theme in the original stories. Which would look amazing in game in its own right.

Hmm. then I suggest moving this to the ‘Suggestions’ sub-forum vs general discussion. May get more traction on this there.

i’d consider an Incan or Aztec theme appropriate for a T2/3 upgrade to what has been discussed. more stone megalithic style vs the rough and ready timber and hide darfari/native American esque style.

the foundations as described could be used to ‘level the ground’ so to speak since CE lacks the terrain deformation of Vanheim.

Yeah. Kush (what little Howard described it) was actually a civilized kingdom with cities, rather than a tribal African people. Darfar and some of the other Black Kingdoms were more primitive and savage.

Speaking of their tents…I recently started playing Siptah, and yesterday while looking for a dogs of the desert camp, I found one with the darfari tents…but these tents were large enough for me to walk inside them! They are perfect, give me those!

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I guess i’ ll see you in 3 months then :wink: .

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Total bummer for you console players …hang tight you guys will get your update

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what is bummer ? Is it something bad ? :rofl::rofl::rofl: . My point m8 is going to your comment that you will post every 3 months the same thing until it comes , so the way I see things and if I can recall I’ve seen this post again and @Kapoteeni to explain you some things in the past . Still , here you are again asking it , I admire your persistence and once again see you in three months :wink: .

ps . Console players are just left behind , all we have is hope and as we say in my country hope dies last , plus we say , that’s why your mother in law should not have the name Hope :wink: .

@ Hellebrom

I look forward to this positive interaction.

I love everything about your post.

I will gladly pay for this DLC.


And don’t forget more insect cuisine, cool gnarly bone weapons that are on the level and maybe a couple of armor sets, besides the Darfuri and Cannibal Trappings. With like shrunken heads or skulls hanging off the belts and stuff.


Oh yeah I thought you were talking about console there for some reason.

Also hell yes…every 3 months…I’ll keep it up with 90 days between posts so as not to spam.

And since this is still the same thread…FUNCOM! Give us a darfari/kush DLC!

You have most of the assets and you are already doing a great job with those new sets and weapons come 2.4 …creativity is obviously there…and if they don’t want to…put them devs in the wheel of pain!! They come out right as rain.


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Yog will gladly take her as bride!

(Dear Yog/mitra and all the gods make it so) :confounded:

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