One Hit Kills every time...PS4 Server

So, we bought a PS4 Server off of G-Portal. I have played with every setting that I think makes sense, but no matter what we are being one hit killed by every turtle, whatever (even being killed after small jumps off rocks).

What is everyone setting on g-portal to stop this from happening? I know this is not how the game is supposed to be as I have been gaming on Officials all day.


Is no one else having this problem?

Can someone please help me out and PM me? Not looking to compete for players as it is just me and a couple friends doing PVE.

Your difficulty setting is set to the easiest option. Bump it up one and then restart your server.

Wheres this setting located?

** NOTE: This is from my PC game. **

These settings are what you need to look at.


Higher numbers will result in more, smaller numbers are less. 0 will cause errors. The default setting is 1.0 for everything.

The server settings.ini is the file name you need to look in.

My server Is also having this issue.
Changing NPCdamagemultiplier to anything else has not helped at all, heck I brought it down to 0,1.
G-Portal told me it was a game bug and that they are waiting on Funcom to patch.
I’ve been trying to avoid fighting and when I do I dodge all over the place, but lag makes that harder aswell.
I recomend enabling the option to keep your inventory and equipment on death until this is fixed!
Im leaving the city for work over the weekend, let’s hope this is fixed by monday!

Game has great potential but as it stands it’s a little irritating to have rented out a server on top of game cost and not get to enjoy it the way it is designed to be played.