Ongoing issue connecting to servers

Game mode: [Online]
Problem: [Performance]
Region: [USA Central Time Zone]

[There are times when I try to connect to a Server, and I get a message that my internet connection has been lost. Generally, what happens is that I check my connection settings, and my connection times out, my modem resets after a certain amount of time 3- 5minutes, and them I am able to connect again.
This behaviour seems to become most apparent when I sit at the Server information page, before I select the server I want to join. It seems like infomation keeps streaming from this list, and then my connection gets messed up.
Aplogies if this is a known issue, its happens with great enough frequency that I thought it merited some attention.
My playstation is directly connected to my modem.]

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. attempt to login to server
  2. receive message connection to server lost
  3. modem resets internet connection
  4. relaunch Conan
  5. login to server

Hi @Rollotomozi, thank you for getting in touch!

Is your console on a wired or wireless connection?

Do you have this issue on multiple servers or a specific one?
If just on one, could you please check if it also comes up in a couple different servers?

@ Hugo
Wired Connection.
The Server I try to connect to is not the issue; The connection breakdown occurs often times before I actually select a server. That is to say the message stating “connection lost” usually appears while the server information is streaming in.
I use the Favorites to access the server I use most frequently, and what often happens when I select the favorites filter, my Server does not appear, and I get the Connection lost message.

The connection lost message appears occasionally after I have selected a server, but most of the time i get the message after I am in the server information screen, but before I have actually selected a server.

When i get back to my game later today, I will try to log into other servers, and check to see if I get similar behavior.

I am no network engineer, but it seems like the server information streams in continuously, and that it overloads something in the overall connection to the server queue.

I confirm that since the update i have to connect at least 3 times before i connect properly in the pvp server. Sometimes i wait more than ten minutes until i i will connect. My team mates have the same issues with me. I connect from Greece, 3 from France, 2 from Belgium and 1 from Portugal. Some of them, like me, are wireless and others cable connected, but we all have issues to connect to the server.

Thank you for sharing further details, we’ll have the team look into this matter.

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an update of sorts.
While not exactly the same issue I was reporting before, it is network related, so I thought I would add it here.
Last night I had been playing for about 2.5 hours. At approximately 19:00 local time (when the PvP window starts on my server) I lost connection to the Server. I attempted to reconnect without success, getting error messages at various stages while trying to connect to Server.
At this point my modem went into reset mode, and was unable to make a stable connection for the next 15-20 minutes. I quit the application, restarted my PS4, my modem finally made a stable connection, and I was able to log back in.
Here is a clip showing connection issue
Official PVE-C Server #3828

Thank you for keeping us posted, could you also let us know if you have any similar issues while playing other online games?

As the modem resets itself it might be worth testing with other games or even reaching out to your ISP to ensure that its functioning correctly, just in case.

I play a fair amount of online games, usually streaming when i do.
I also use my PS4 for streaming TV services.
Conan Exiles is the only program that I have these issues with.
The modem reset experience I described only happens when CE gives me the a connection error message when trying to connect to a Server.
When I get the error messages in CE, I quit the application, go into Settings to Test my Internet Connection. The test times out, and my modem resets. Once the modem resets, I check the connection, verify it is active, then relaunch the application, and am able to connect to a server in CE.

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