Online DRM for Battle Pass in Single Player? (Error: YOU ARE NOT ENTITLED)

Currently, single-player mode needs an online connection to start. (That’s new). And if you lose that connection mid-game, you start having problems with the rewards you got from the Battle Pass.

Your Battle Pass clothes tear themselves from your body, leaving you stark naked. Any attempt to put them back on results in the error “You are not entitled to”

Battle Pass items that are in your inventory also become unusable. Error “You are not entitled” if you try to place them.

I have DLC and Twitch Rewards armor and they don’t have this issue.

Are Battle Pass rewards supposed to work like this?

You Are Not Entitled 01

You Are Not Entitled 03

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This is the new way Funcom handles additional content like BP and Bazaar.
Previous DLCs and Twitch drops don’t have such an issue simply because they don’t cost as much money and were released before Tencent’s acquisition.

It gets even better tho.
Even if you play online with stable connection, the moment you lose connection to their backside BP/Bazaar server your armor and other BP/Bazaar items will be taken off and blocked, and even if you regain connection to BP/Bazaar sever blocked items will remain blocked so you are forced to craft new items.

Some people on my server report numerous connection drops and simply don’t use BP/Bazaar items.
If you play only single player or on limited connect I’d suggest ignoring BP and Bazaar.
The system is not made for offline play and requires a constant connection to their server to keep you entitled to new items.


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