Only a question for no flying bug

Hello Exiles !

I was playing Conan with my friends, except because of the construction bug we stopped. Yes, it’s not game breaking, but… How is it fun to create a big structure if you can’t visit them?

I’m searching for hint. Somebody know a good server hosting for Conan exiles without this bug ?
Beacause i try two of them, and the bug occure in time…
G-Portal was the most horrible of all.

Thanks in advance for your help.

What bug exactly are you referring to? If it’s an actual bug in the game, choosing another server is unlikely to help.

The bug repported 3 years ago, and don’t fixe.
The bug where you fly over your building part, can’t use it, and you need to disconnect and reconnect, pray, for fixe.
The foundation of big building become unusuable. It’s like the object was rendered, but the server doesn’t seem to think this is a construction, and we fly or fall for infinity.
It’s not gamebreaking, but it’s really player experience breaking.

I think the problem was the server because i don’t have the bug when i play in solo.
I search for people without this bug, for telling me the server he use.

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