Onslaught looting / relics when dead

Any chance it can be changed to giving relics to dead people (after boss and camp loot bags).

Alot of times people just loot by auto and alot of relics are lost to people who where unlucky and died during the fights.

If they are ressed, or release and run back after the fight, and the bags are opened, they get relics / loot, but not when a bag is opened when dead or too far away.

Thanks for reading, and hoping for a small change in this regard.


Yeah, would be great if the bag just would stay as long as everyone in that group grabbed his tokens.

atm it is extremely annoying when you are on low waves, but especially on higher waves with higher relics as reward, when you die for some reasons, 2-4 people kill the boss and some bra!nd**d people just open the bag and f*ck it up for the dead ones and in the end they get nothing.

or some other options to let people getting their rewards would be nice.

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It needs to be zone wide also. If someone is out of range, they will miss the relics.

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Off-topic, but since I cannot open a new topic yet…

To @AndyB - there is onslaught 1HE weapon for DT tank, but no such weapon for DT DPS - is that a mistake (forgotten, bugged etc.) or intended? There is both DPS and tanking weapon for conq, but not for DT, which can also be either DPS or tank.

Some action or, at least, explanation would be nice.

i have not seen any conq dps weapon, just a mainhand with +hate, and an offhand shared with barbs that is terrible

I agree, it’s wrong that you don’t get rewards anymore if you are dead, even if you participated in making a loot appear, and because you are too far from the person opening it.



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Writing in this topic because I hope it is not going to be burried under complains about payment failures, and funcom will do something about it.
I think nothing antagonizes people in OS like just looting bag when there is somebody dead. It is understandable that people might not know that they should restrain themselves, but still - even though I am calm individual it is rage-inducing when someone just takes those relics away from you because your tank never figured out that aggro reset at boss after some skills.

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Why always blame the tank? If it has aggro reset, you as a DD or Heal should care about the reset :slight_smile:

Lost multiple bags today doing the event daily challenge thing. It is really painful wasting so much time and not get the main objective of the thing. But i guess thats what Funcom wants its customers to experience…

@Frenjoerd It was a poor attempt of a joke. But perhaps I didn’t explain it clear enough - boss resets aggro, chooses person that is furthest away from him and then you are forced to run like a headless chicken for 20 seconds, with hope that perhaps someone manages to find irritate button in their spellbook or your team will kill the boss before you die.

And before you want to play 4d chess and say that then people should stay close to boss, terrain is not even, so some people are thrown further than others. Do you see now why blaming tank in this anecdotal context is justifiable and some people might be so daring as to find it humours?

But let’s perhaps come back to topic of dead not being able to get their well-earned loot as no matter if dead people over-aggroed, didn’t get proper heals, or weren’t saved in time, they participated and fought during the waves, only for some scoundrels to loot bags when they were lying on the sand.

Yeah, I think they need to make all box loot zone-wide, and obtainable even if you are dead. If people abuse that by hiding / purposely dying, that is what vote-kick should be for.

And as I said during Testlive, the Raid Finder should allow people to join in-progress instances so people can fill back up and continue when someone leaves in the middle of the wave. I was told the reason that was decided against was because of increases loot rewards the longer you go, but so far, seeing a streak up to wave 10, the loot rewards all feel roughly the same. If there is an increase, it is very slight and not an issue if someone joins an instance on wave 4 or 7 or whatever and gets a few extra silver than normal.

If higher waves like 20+ show much better loot rewards for longer streaks, then maybe up there limit it so groups can’t refill, but for low wave groups, there shouldn’t be a group lock.

+1 for letting people get relics and other loot when boxes are opened while they’re dead. Everyone in guild I speak to about it agrees and I cannot see any reason why someone would disagree.

I just wonder for what sadic reason it was decided to keep dead out of loot, maybe to avoid afk/doing nothing people? but there is vote kick for that…

I’m pretty sure they work extremly hard on it to fix that damn issue :roll_eyes:

I think they’re preoccupied breaking exiles for now.

Halleluja!!! Finally they are fixing it. Thank you Funcom!!!

Well at least it works, i got looted on on the first boss in iceslaught, got the 8 relics, thanks funcom!

Well some guys and me tested it, in SGP it works now, but in Kuthchemes Temple you have the same old problems.

Looted tokens aren’t given to dead peeps or some, who are far away. !!

Pls fix it completely in both Instances. Thx

Strange, Yesterday’s Kuthchemes Onslaught run ‘‘did offer’’ every Relic no matter who looted. Even for people who died.
Don’t know about others but i got relics from every looting no matter who did it.
Also the relic rate drops when coupled with Chests at camps and Daily OS quests, can reach 200 relics easy.

For Skull gate pass it might require 7+ Waves to loot all chests. Assuming they are 5 maximum.
Not sure about Kuthchemes, since the best i found at the first 5 waves was 2 chests.
Maybe it’s random but for me it works perfectly.