Open world tranportation stones

Official pve server question…If I place transportation stations in strategic locations; near Grey Ones Pool, The Spit, The Tower, the north coast, etc. are they available for anyone to use? And would putting them in the open without a building, but with a dancer enclosed to protect her/him, be a TOS violation? I was on a pvp server and anyone who could access a transportation station could use it but I didn’t know if the settings were different on pve.


I believe they will not violate the TOS if built like you describe them.
And yes, they will be free for everyone to use (and really appreciated by Exiles like me!).

Good hunting!


Try to fix them as simple as possible and without big land claim! When you build them in dangerous cliffs make sure to close with walls for people to be protected from great fall by lags. Put the dancers in the top of the construction to protect them.

It’s better to fix what you really need, to protect your self from possible reports because the rules in these things are not crystal clear, so it’s better not to enter in the eye of the cyclone!
But surely, a small number of these tp stones open for everyone it will be appreciated by many “normal” players.


If anyone reports these perfectly sized public TP spots, we got beef.


Well, what if I wanted to build my base in one of those locations but I couldn’t because of your public teleportation network? This is basically the same reason that the tos excludes bridges and highways.

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On public servers, this one would suggest against it.

Depending on who is the responding admin and who else is on the server, it could be bannable.
Basically, if someone, anyone, decides to report it (possibly out of spite, possibly because they want that specific spot and are such a petulant child that they consider public servers their private dominions), since it is technically an “out building” and not explicitly a part of your main base built in the most efficient way possible it can be construed as a bannable offense.

On one of the private servers this one is on, there is a public transport system. Complete with wells and dancers near each.
But on public, it’s a complete dice roll.

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The footprint of a tp is 3x3 and the example structures above are the absolute smallest you can make to protect it from decay. Can you in good faith sit here and say that youd report this structure and be able to confirm in your report that it breaks tos?

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This reminds me of the person who joined the server I was on and demanded I tear down m base because, “I always build here!” I did not tear down my base and invited him to pound sand, then muted him in-game.

If there is a legit structure built where you want to build, find another spot. A public maproom or transport stone is a legit structure, or, at least, has always been. If they are now TOS violations, well, it’s just another reason to eschew official servers.

So 1 person/clan puts up a teleportation network that is open to the public just as others have done with maprooms, while this should not exactly be an issue you should take into consideration what are the other build sites for this person/clan like…are there multiple huge bases that sprawl all over the map or is it just one modest base and the network? It is about the bigger picture not just about the small public structures.

But as I understand the TOS then it would be a violation to have a transportation network across the map even if they are open to the public as they would consider them as landclaim.

If a clan is allowed to have multiple (modest-sized) bases, and those just happen to have transportation stones out in the open, wouldn’t this be within the terms of use?

If a clan is not allowed to have more than one base, there’s hardly going to be any use for the transportation stones either, right?

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This may fall into the “safest bet is to not” category. I would imagine its okay to do, from a “low footprint” standpoint, but the base does clearly only serve one purpose and that’s for people to teleport and does impact the ease of the game (by intention). So I could see both responses; unnecessary landclaim of convenience vs non intrusive auxiliary build. Out of caution, I would not build them on a public server. Then I wouldn’t have to worry about it.

FC has never made it clear if a clan can have multiple bases or if 1 base is the way FC wants the players on official servers to go. It would be nice if they would make the multiple bases question clear and also state if having a base that has all the alters in it is acceptable.

Bottom line is that FC needs to make their rules clear and they also need to actually respond to reports and take down the bases that clearly violate the current rules, as stated by many (myself included) they are currently ignoring most reports of build violations.

They did clarify in that mega post at one point that multiple bases alone are not cause for a ban/suspension (its stickied around here somewhere). They aren’t forbidden, but that doesnt mean that having a second base with a slightly less clear purpose doesn’t open a player up to action.

Edit: all it takes is one base thats in violation

If this is the case and you absolutely can’t build anywhere else, I’d suggest offering to reimburse the individual with material costs to sweeten the deal. If you’ve ever built a transportory stone and taken it down, you’ll notice it doesn’t give you everything back like most objects do now. If they’re kind enough and reasonable enough, they may see this as a sign of good faith and be more inclined to move it a bit to allow you to build. That being said, don’t build like an ■■■■■■■ if they let you build there. Build modestly and respectfully.

always keep in mind that a teleporter can also trap u… (just saying) so being a bit cautious while using it is not a bad thing…

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On the topic on whether it is allowed or not. I’m going to mention something I’ve gone over with server admins in the past when developing and enforcing policy.

If you decide to allow structures for the sake for teleporters. Who gets to do this? How do you decide who gets to manage what goes where?

If you allow everyone to do this. You have chaos as clan to clan networks are not possible. This is very much akin to pre-switch utility poles for communications:

So how does a server administrator decide on an equitable solution for everyone across several hundred servers? When talking about transport on our server, a single server. We decided to simply not allow it. Clans would have to keep their teleportation to just base to base.

This has always been the situation on any server. Public structures seem fine. Seem nice. And make everyone feel warm and fuzzy inside that someone built something to help everyone. But frequently these structures tend to do more harm than good. And usually more often than not are there to build up ones ego and popularity rather than be helpful. Public structures are one of the best ways to gobble up landclaim and claim a victim card when called out for it. Such as a 500m long bridge that blocks an areas where 6 large clans could build.

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