Opening Cinematic / Title Screen Loading

Does anyone else have an issue with the main title / opening cinematic:

  1. Taking way too long to load?
  2. Not being skippable?
  3. Taking way too long to load?

I would credit the overall experience to the handful of mods we use but the issue persists with no mods installed and even a fresh installation of the game.

I don’t believe it’s my hardware, either, as no other title has such issues:

  • i7-10700
  • 16GB RAM
  • GTX 1070SC
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Game installed on SSD or HDD? Your other specs you listed are kinda irrelevant here.

So the opening cinematic is the game’s loading screen. You’ll see progressive dots in the lower left. When they disappear, the game is done loading.

Before I switch from HDD to SSD, that screen would take the whole video because of my server’s mod list. When I switched, it now finishes before we see the girl’s feet appear.

If you’re seeing it take a while its because either you’ve loaded new mods, or likely the game has more to load due to Siptah. Switch over to a high capacity SSD and it will cut the loading time by 90%

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It is true, i play on console and the loading time is tooooo long. Still i get used to it :joy::joy::joy:.

I’ll switch the installation to one of my SSDs and see what it does. It was installed on a 2TB 7200RPM HDD.

Keep me up to date. I had damn near the exact same HDD before. I want to see if peeps get the same results. So far most have.

It seems longer to me too. I installed it on an SSD, but I think the main point is not that it’s long, but it is longer. Both the opening cinematics to skip (OP you can disable it and save some time!) and the loading screen when you jump into the game. Due to the patch, most of the mods I used are now disabled, but it’s still takes a bit longer to load.
PROBABLY the new assets in the game are more complex and take more time to load in.

Last night I uninstalled and reinstalled to my 1TB NVMe SSD (This one is primarily used for the larger games like Red Dead 2, Warzone, and now Conan lol). Performance across the board dramatically improved.

The loading time (even with my mods) finishes when I see the woman’s feet on the cross in the opening cinematic. Additionally, all the brand logo videos no longer stutter as they once did.

I’ve also started waiting until those dots stopped appearing. Prior to, I would just hit ESC once the game loaded and hope it skipped. (Sometimes it would, sometimes it wouldn’t).

Switched over to the SSD, the game launches quicker, videos load, I wait until the dots disappear (right around the time I noted above in the cinematic), click, and it loads the main menu just fine.

If it’s not already, perhaps Funcom should consider listing a SSD as recommended / required hardware. I’ll have to look at their listing, lol.

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