Ordering Horse to Attack Bug / Weak Horses / “Authority - Irritate”

Platform: Xbox Series S
Issue Type: Gameplay
Game Mode: Online Official
Server Type: PvE-Conflict
Map: Exiled Lands
Server Name: #2733

Bug Description:

I’m not sure what changed but horses are getting singled out and demolished by enemies.

My horse is level 11 and if it takes sustained damage for over 20 seconds, it’s as good as dead. There also seems to be an issue with combat where if you tell your (fighter) thrall to do damage to an enemy, it also sends the horse into the fray— thus steamrolling my horse.

Horses don’t have an attack so there’s no reason for it to be running into the middle of a fight. Also— the first tier of “Authority - Itritate: Active followers will goad enemies”. This perk seems moot because enemies go straight for my thralls and ignore me anyways.

Even if Authority was functioning properly I don’t think losing control in battle is ever in the players favor. If “Authority - Irritate” is implemented I think that should be on the radial menu as an option instead of being a passive. I’ve ignored this whole skill tree because of that reason.

Bug Reproduction:

  1. bring a fighter thrall and a horse to a battle
  2. command your fighter thrall to attack an enemy
  3. watch your horse die

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Just another nerf that wasn’t needed.

Lately im going through horses and thralls like crazy, when the games functioning its fine, but when the bugs start hitting… i lose them 50% of the time and nothing i can do about it. My last sabertooth wouldnt respond to commands, was somewhere i couldnt find and managed to die to a hyena- with the +20 stats perk he was level 8, i keep 4 horses now because i never know when this is gonna hit and horses are all but necessity…

I will add this is the smoothest the game has ran for me: but every few days bugs seem to have hit me hard, not usually one but a few at a time

EDIT: I wouldnt say horses need a buff, but maybe an exclusion from npc targeting

when horses were new in Conan . there were even attack horses. who could attack the enemies .xD I don’t know why but they decided to remove it…

he have also destroyed the animation of the weapon jhebbal sag… it is very fun before…